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Why is it Important to Develop Links to your E-Commerce Website's Deeper Pages

Getting your items in front of potential buyers in the highly competitive ecommerce industry isn't easy, as we all know. Deeper page link development will help your chances, as it shows Google that your site is a reliable destination to acquire items since it has a wide backlink portfolio that includes connections to pages other than your homepage.

In many cases, however, getting connections to product and category pages might seem like an uphill struggle due to enormous quantities of product retirement or journalistic resistance. Ecommerce link development relies heavily on the background hum of smaller scale approaches rather than flashy content pieces that work well for businesses that support them. In this post, I'll explain why this form of link building is so important and how to do it effectively.

Develop Links to the Deeper Pages of Your E-Commerce Website

Periods of high sales volume and times when discounts are offered are essential components of any ecommerce calendar. Most relevant industry and ecommerce press sites post sales performance summaries after these dates and can be excellent sources of unlinked category and product mentions.

During the holidays and Black Friday, a customer of ours reported record-breaking sales in the homewear and electrical categories. This led us to seek stories about sales growth in those product categories to identify unlinked brand references, and to obtain links to those product category sites.

Press Release About a Product

It's also a good idea to keep tabs on the coverage of your business and its products in the media. Google will consider you as a reputable site if you obtain links to your brand in high-value editorial material that is related to your product offering. In addition, you may enhance your brand's visibility in various locations and enhance its reputation. The presence of a link aids in the discovery of your products and services by potential consumers and business partners.

Our clients have previously teamed up with charity to offer computers to schools and community centres, for example, which we discovered. We wanted to develop connections to the laptops category page, so we looked for stories about it and got links from them in stories that were both relevant and good.

Look for Pages of Suppliers or Partners that Mention your Brand

Any company that sells their items via you will often name you as a supplier or an authorised stockist. In order to get product and category links, these lists are a goldmine.

A product page link rather than the homepage is essential here. Once visitors get at your homepage, they will be forced to waste time looking for what they want. When a potential consumer sees this, they may decide to look for it elsewhere. Directing them to the product page increases the likelihood of a sale since you are providing them with exactly what they want.

Rearrange the main page's hyperlinks.

Reorganize the Links on your Main Page

When requesting links to be included in unlinked brand references or establishing new connections, bear in mind the critical importance of getting links to your product or category pages over your homepage. Backlinks to your homepage may already include connections to product or category pages that would be more useful to your site's backlink profile. To find out more on how we can help you with SEO, contact us today.