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Flyers Design

Are you searching for that elusive designer that can assist you with flyer design? When you have a promotion and you want to create a concept to assist your business, then look no further. We have had years of experience in graphic design and have thousands of satisfied clients.

When it comes to the design of flyers,

When you think of flyers design, what comes to mind? Flyers are a favourite used by banks, real estate agents, shops, travel agents, restaurants, and tourist attractions like zoos. Flyers are usually a “DL” size, basically the size of an A4 sheet folded into three. The reasons for this are that they fit perfectly into envelopes for mail outs and are very easy to put into your bag or pocket. They sit neatly in an upright position in brochure holders on counters and desks. While this is the most common size for a flyer, there is no limitation to what you may want to produce. An A4 sized brochure folded into three gives six distinct panels to work with. Alternatively, they can be increased in their initial “flat layout” to create twelve panels that still fold down to a final DL size.

When you have your favoured size in mind, the next step is bringing the whole concept together. This is where we can assist you with flyer design. You can look at it panel by panel and we can come up with different concepts for each panel. Alternatively, we can create it so that when the flyer is laid out flat, it may display a map or a complete image covering all the panels. If you look at other sizing, the same concept applies. A5 (half A4) flyers can be created in a similar manner.

The thing to consider if you are looking at mail outs is the cost of postage. Moving from a DL size to an A5 size takes postage from “standard letters” up to “large letters” and will cost more to send out. Also, be careful of the weight. If you choose a heavy grade paper for your flyers, costs are based on the overall weight of the envelope and the flyer. It is often wise to do a mock-up with the grade of paper that you want and do the calculations first.

When doing mail outs, another clever initiative is to have a “tear off” portion. This encourages your target market to fill out their details and post it back to you, usually for more information on a product or service. This works great both ways as you end up with additional names on your database with phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, and contact names. We can gear our flyers design around this style of marketing to suit your needs.

This is where we can help you because we have a team of experts in flyer design. What we want to achieve, along with you, is a great flyer that people are going to want to pick up.

The same applies in banks. When banks are promoting a new type of account, they stick with flyer designs in a DL format. They present the key features of new services, term deposit rates, superannuation flyers, and even a “feel good’ presentation about themselves. Again, these are in a convenient spot on a counter inviting customer to pick them up.

Flyers are used extensively by travel agents for much the same reasons that have been outlined. They can market travel to other countries in a concise way. This is again convenient because you can place it in your pocket or bag. Giving someone a good idea of what you have to offer in a brief way arouses interest that then leads to website visits and sales. Flyer design is geared around convenience and cost- effectiveness. Rather than give a person a large catalogue, flyers are the way to go.

The Design of the Flyers

Now, the way that we help you is to bring your entire concept to completion. We have the programs that allow us to make flyers visually impressive. Several different concepts or layouts can be submitted to you in the process of flyer design. This is a cheap way to get everything proofread. We can incorporate your logo, products, and services cleverly on a flyer. If you need the creation of artwork that may include a map of your store or even of a country, this can be easily achieved by our flyer design team.

Anything is possible. If you want to stand out from the crowd, there’s no need to follow the same format as everyone else. Have a look around at ideas and see what has been created over the years. The main thing with flyer design is to have something that people want to pick up and look at. Consider something that catches your attention, makes you pick it up, and think “Wow, this is clever”.

Look at our previous work. Talk to us about your ideas. We listen, talk, and create, then listen, talk, and create all over again. You as the customer are foremost in our mind.