Is Getting Expensive SEO Consulting the Easiest Method to Traffic? WRONG!

Finally.. A quick and affordable way to grow your business.

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Is Getting Expensive SEO Consulting the Easiest Method to Traffic? WRONG!

Finally.. A quick and affordable
way to grow your business.

finalist semrush australian search awards white
finalist australian design awards white
andrew kelly seo consultant lg
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What Can We Learn from Search Engine Results About Black Friday?

What Can We Learn from Search Engine Results About Black Friday?

Online retailers or e-commerce businesses can't afford to miss out on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As the Christmas shopping season gets under way, many businesses are offering special discounts and incentives to their customers, resulting in increased sales volumes, traffic and engagement on their sites. For this year's Christmas season, which is anticipated to be the busiest ever, we wanted to examine how things went in the early stages.

On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as well as the weeks leading up to and following the events. This information might indicate if there are certain experiences that are better offered on days when people are actively transacting with one another. Over the previous month, we've tracked 500 e-commerce-related terms (covering informative, navigational, and transactional intents) to see how search engine results changed to accommodate the buyers on these days. Although there were no huge shifts in share of voice this year, there were some noteworthy variances.

What can we learn about Black Friday from the results of Google searches?

The following are some of the things we learned

As the Christmas season gets into full swing, search results become increasingly diversified.

The "other" category is up over 5% from where it was during Black Friday and Cyber Monday as we head into the Christmas season, and we expect this trend to continue.

We were surprised to see Wikipedia's organic search prominence rise as purchasing continued. One reason for this might be the increased use of shopping feeds and paid results, both of which need organic results in order to meet the growing demand for information. According to a recent study, Wikipedia's rise in popularity is nearly identical to Amazon's.

We didn't find huge shifts in the sorts of sites that were most popular, but there were a few changes that aligned with what we found with share of voice.

E-commerce continues to be dominated by category sites

Our webinar, Critical Shifts in E-Commerce: Preparing for the 2021 Holiday Season, talked about the importance of category pages, which we discussed. When it comes to analytics, we can see that category pages are only becoming more prominent as the holiday shopping season is in full force.

The main page's popularity continues to wane

In search engine results pages, homepages lost ground to product and article sites throughout the course of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Even while this wasn't a huge shift, it was enough to show that richer and deeper experiences perform somewhat better during peak buying times. It's wonderful to create a splash on your homepage when you're introducing new goods or running discounts, but make sure those offers are visible on your category and product pages as well, as customers may encounter those pages in search results rather than your homepage.

After Cyber Monday, interest in articles and products has waned.

It's fascinating to notice that product and article pages have declined in prominence since their peak days, even if the changes are small and gradual. Interestingly, the category level pages are also increasing at approximately the same rate. When the shopping season is in full swing, the more enjoyable a category-level experience you can deliver, the more probable it is that organic results will reward your efforts.

To watch how different sorts of sites differed in their pre, mid and post stages was equally intriguing to me. During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we wanted to find out which schema was most frequently used on web pages. One of the markup languages used to assist spiders grasp the context of crawled information is called "Schema" (so instead of a series of numbers, schema can be used to tell a crawler that this is a time or date). The results revealed a lot about the page layout, but they also revealed some interesting things about the messages that the winners of this year are and are not conveying.

Rankings are not influenced by site architectural schema

E-commerce champions are at the very least providing context about who they are, although this has no clear correlate to improved search engine ranks. The winners in the top three places are less likely than those in the lowest third of the results to declare their site type and organisation structure.

Higher-ranking pages have a more prominent FAQ structure

FAQ schema, on the other hand, is more likely to appear in the top three ranks than the bottom third for all of our keyword evaluations, as opposed to architectural content. As indicated by the preponderance of category pages, less homepages, and more brands winning on peak shopping days, searchers prefer a fuller purchasing experience. Easy access to information about the items is also consistent with a more rewarding buying experience in this line. It's important to make your FAQ content search engine friendly, even if it connects to a different page.

Nevertheless, the structure of the product is crucial to its success..

Still, the product's structure is critical to its success

Based on how Wikipedia gained a little amount of influence on Black Friday/Black Monday, we believe that this might have affected our top three results. We did notice, however, that it was the most common variety in the ranks from 4 to 10. If you want search engines to comprehend your information, make sure your category and product pages use product schema.

Many, many elements come into play when it comes to determining a page's ranking for a certain keyword and for a specific user. According to macroeconomic conditions, outcomes are evaluated differently before to, during, and following peak shopping periods. It is vital for e-commerce that you focus on the shopping experience your category page provides by offering relevant solutions to consumer concerns and making it easy to go into products they may be browsing for. If you would like to know how to tap into buying cycles contact us today.