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SEM Social Media and Win

Incorporate Social Media into Your Marketing Strategy

Social media is playing an increasingly crucial role in online marketing. This trend is likely to continue and is the reason online marketers are incorporating social media into their plans.

SEM and Win with Social Media

Developing Your Social Profiles

The first step to harness the power of social media is to create company profiles across the major platforms. These include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. These social platforms may not have yielded results in past years, but today they are crucial for online business success. Use social media marketing to connect with your current consumers while expanding your reach.

Hire a team of web design and SEO experts to help you get the most out of your social media marketing strategies.


Social media platforms have been gaining increased attention from search engines. For instance, Google and Bing claim to use tweets when determining SEO rankings.

As such, the more followers and retweets you get, they higher your SEO ranking will be. Your brand awareness, visibility, and revenue will all increase if you use this powerful marketing tool.


Facebook goes beyond SEO rankings. If you can establish a solid presence, not only can your content go viral, you can also develop brand loyalty. This could considerably increase the traffic you receive on your sites.


Although Google+ is relatively new, it has already made a huge impact on social media marketing. Because it’s owned by Google, you can cultivate a strong presence easily. Google may base the importance of your account on the number of followers you have on Google+. Matt Cutts, a head engineer at Google, revealed that since content quality is measured by the number of recommendations, Google will use this in its rankings.

Social Media Marketing Benefits

Huge Gain – No Pain

Social media marketing expands your networking opportunities, which will ultimately increase traffic flow to your website. It’s as simple as creating accounts across the key social media platforms, connecting with people, and sharing content to increase your social reach.

You need to be consistent with interacting and sharing content on social media platforms and this takes time. Prioritise select sites and focus on quality over quantity. Hire a professional social media manager to handle all your needs.

Affiliate marketing and social media

Social Media and Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers may find it difficult to take advantage of the opportunities social media has to offer. This is mainly because they focus on building multiple thin sites in various niche markets, which makes managing a social media profile difficult. It’s better to adjust your strategy, so you have fewer high-quality sites. This will increase your chances of becoming an authority in your niche and on social media.

Having an authority site means visitors find your content to be useful. They are likely to share this information on their personal social media profiles. Your site doesn’t have to be giant, but it must be high-quality.

Although the value that social media offers to affiliate marketing is yet to be fully realised, it is part of online marketing success on social media platforms. One day, you may need a social media presence to get a top ranking on search engines. Social media platforms must form a crucial part of your online business.

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