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Leveraging The Command-Line For SEO

Learn how you can improve your workflow with shortcuts and automation, also improve as an SEO by leveraging the SEO command-line. It’s not an essential skill, however, coding in SEO has had a desirable effect on task speed complementation.

There are a few foundational skills that need to be mastered before you go into coding. When you’ve done this, the possibility of you feeling more confident and making your tasks easier in some cases is big.

If you don’t know where to start, that’s okay because in this article we’ll be taking a quick dive through the basics.

How Does The Command-Line Help In SEO?

You can more easily do the following with the help of the command line:

  • When you want to manipulate data, you can identify the file structure
  • When the site is using a service worker, you can verify the status code
  • Split big files into more manageable chunks
  • Download or transfer data directly to a server
  • Search for specific characters in a large file
  • Slice data by fields and output to a new file

What Is The Command-Line?

A command-line interface can also be referred to as a terminal, command prompt, or of course, console. This can be used in order to interact with a computer’s operating system or better known as ‘OS’. Basically, it’s a text-based interface.

Command-line interfaces (CLI’s) date back to before the introduction of graphical interfaces. It can be referred to as a relic of a not-so-distant past, a time where a command had to be typed in for someone to activate or access the files on a computer.

Now the question is, how can this help in providing advantages by learning to master this archaic communication method for SEO?

Advantages to using a command line instead of a GUI are as follows:

  • Speed: A GUI is a presentation layer sitting on top of a CLI, to make things a little more user-friendly. What this means is that it may take longer to complete tasks as it will never be as fast.
  • Necessity: It’s sometimes only possible to interact with a remote server via CLI, the same goes for a GUI, you have to be prepared to go the extra mile and create one.

Accessing The Command Line

It greatly depends on your operating system how you access the command line on your computer. For instance on Mac, the command line is called the terminal, and it can be found Applications>Utilities.

On Windows, it’s referred to as the command prompt and can be found by searching ‘cmd’ in the navigation bar. Keep in mind that Windows and Mac/Linux differ on many commands. This is due to Linux is a UNIX-based operating system and the same goes for Mac. Windows, however, is Windows!

Taking Things Further

By using commands you can get multiple tasks done by using a “keyword”. However, that’s not the only thing interesting about this. With the ability to chain some commands together, particularly when you start exploring with Bash scripting. Providing a few more ideas you’re welcome to:

  • Automate Screaming Frog
  • Run Lighthouse, which is for running performance tests in bulk
  • Perform en-masse- image compression
  • Publish a website using a JAMstack architecture

When you begin coding, a degree of competency is very important when using the command line as it’s a skill you’ll be using on a constant basis when running your scripts and navigating.

Wrapping Things Up

The SEO landscape is continually evolving and staying ahead of the changes is crucial for any business. SEO Consulting found these nine trends had the most impact on the marketing world thus far. Users want content that focuses on their needs and not on ranking boosts. Video and image content, particularly when it comes to searches, will significantly increase your rankings as more people search straight through YouTube or Google Images.

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