Is Getting Expensive SEO Consulting the Easiest Method to Traffic? WRONG!

Finally.. A quick and affordable way to grow your business.

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Is Getting Expensive SEO Consulting the Easiest Method to Traffic? WRONG!

Finally.. A quick and affordable
way to grow your business.

finalist semrush australian search awards white
finalist australian design awards white
andrew kelly seo consultant lg
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How to Build Your B2B Brand with Video Marketing

When it comes to video marketing as a business owner, the possibilities are endless. In the proper hands, your brand might become the industry's go-to brand and you'll see a dramatic increase in your business's thought leadership.

It's not, however, a walk in the park.

Even so, there are a few effective video marketing strategies you can use right now to enhance your brand.

How Video Marketing Can Help You Build Your Brand

More than eighty-six percent of companies now employ video marketing strategies in their communications. Video marketing has taken off in the last five years, with 61 percent of organisations embracing it for marketing reasons only five years ago.

Video marketing has grown in popularity for a variety of reasons. What can a company gain from video marketing?

In the end, the three main advantages of video marketing are as follows:

Including a video on your landing page may improve conversions by up to 80%, according to HubSpot's findings. With a simple video, that's a massive boost.

This increase in conversions can be attributed to the fact that videos assist establish credibility. They're easy to use, engaging, and provide customers a glimpse of the person behind the business.

Video Marketing for B2B Brand Building

People, not machines, are the ones who make the purchases.

Google and Yahoo adore videos, so you'll get a tonne more traffic this way. For search engine optimisation purposes, textual content is essential, but videos keep visitors on a website for longer.

Consider the following: YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. With Google at the head of the pack, video-only search engine YouTube has dominated the vast majority of the market.

There is a direct correlation between increased traffic and increased lead generation.

For a second time, we're returning to the idea of trust. This is because trust is the lifeblood of every business. In order for the brand to develop, there must be confidence in it. You may establish yourself as an expert in your subject by putting up videos, especially ones that provide the viewers with useful information. The respect and adoration you get as a result of your authority will translate into increased sales.

Using video as a marketing tool has a slew of additional advantages. It's a good idea to use your films as a way to establish your brand voice and style. To indicate that you're "keeping up with the times," it also gives a feeling of modernism.

Video marketing is a powerful tool that can be used in conjunction with your existing marketing efforts. Any marketing platform may profit from the use of video.

A robust video marketing plan is required for this.

strategy in marketing

The target audience for business-to-business companies consists of other business owners. It's possible that this is industry-specific or nichified. However, when it comes to video marketing, it doesn't matter what the speciality is. Although the procedures are the same, the system may be customised to fit the needs of a certain type of organisation.

Every stage of the client journey must be understood and recognised. In the customer journey, there are four distinct stages:

* waking up to the situation

* During this phase, you're evaluating and gathering information.

* The moment of truth for making a decision.

* After the acquisition

Each of these stages necessitates a different approach to the videos you produce and distribute. Before they may click the "purchase now" button, each stage symbolises a different level of "readiness." As a result, your movies need to serve as guides, guiding a potential customer to the next step.

As a result, each movie must be customised to meet this demand. These factors will impact your video content and design as well as your language choice.

However, what kinds of films are appropriate for each stage? The customer journey has been split down into stages, thus your video marketing approach should be able to handle each step of the client's trip.

I'm In The Awareness Phase Of A Campaign. What Kind Of Marketing Videos Should I Produce?

When a potential customer learns about your brand for the first time, this is known as the awareness stage. They're aware of what you're up to. Consider how the prospect got to know about your product or service. A blog, social media, or your website might all play a role in search engine optimisation.

For the awareness phase, you need to produce high-quality videos. Almost like the first time you meet someone, you want to leave a lasting impression. Your brand's individuality must be conveyed from the start. Consider how you greet your viewers, where your videos are situated, and the material you're offering before you begin filming.

During the awareness phase, you should design your videos to serve the audience, so be sure to keep that in mind. Educational films are good for raising awareness, but they must address the problems of your prospective consumer.

Popular video marketing strategies include how-to films, and how-to videos like '[solve an issue] in 5 easy steps.' Audience members will quickly touch the "x" button if they aren't connected to the speaker's problem areas.

In order to connect with your audience and develop video content that addresses their specific issues, you must first understand them. Consider the challenges your awareness phase leader may encounter on a daily basis before revealing the complete game. Use that as a jumping-off point.

Creating a character for your target audience is another approach to make sure the things you cover in your videos are relatable (but more on that later).

An effective hook should be the primary emphasis and the focus of your time and effort. You'll have to grab the attention of your audience soon. Your movie might be erased from memory with a simple flick of the finger. Think about the number of videos you've watched today. There aren't many seats left on the video marketing train now that so many companies have jumped on. Consequently, you must ensure that your seat is appealing, comfy and the most desirable seat on board.

As strong hook strategies, ask questions, utilise emotive language, or narrate a tale.

At this stage, what kind of marketing videos should I make?

Your brand's success hinges on how well it performs throughout the consideration stage. Prospects often do their comparison shopping in the centre of your funnel.

They're assessing their issues, identifying their pain areas, and formulating a strategy for resolving them.

Providing them with an answer they want is your job right now.

This may be accomplished through the use of videos that provide product demonstrations and evaluations, as well as case studies. For the sake of the prospect, you're showing them why you're their best choice.

Incorporate a sense of humanity into your films. You want your audience to nod their heads and think, 'that's so me!' when you explain the pain point in your story.. It's far more probable that the viewer will go to the next step if you portray your product or service as a solution to their problem."

Searching for alternatives is a major part of the deliberation phase. So, in your videos, you need to stress the advantages, features, and assurances of your product or service again and again and again. Get rid of objections by comparing your product to the offerings of your competitors.

The decision-making phase calls for a certain type of marketing video.

To put it another way, the contemplation phase is the point at which a potential customer begins to think about employing your products and services. Making a choice is when the real work begins. A yes or no answer is all that's required at this point.

Ultimately, the decision-making process revolves around conversion.

As a result, your marketing films must be able to persuade your audience to say "yes." Once you've overcome any objections, you'll need to focus on the positives and close the deal.

Offer a free trial of your product or service, or display what other customers think of your product or service after they've purchased it.

Post-Purchase Marketing Videos: What Kinds Should I Produce?

Just because you've closed the deal doesn't mean you should stop promoting your product. There is still work to be done once someone has paid for your goods or service.

Once a customer has purchased, the post-purchase phase is all about retaining that customer and making them a household name.

This means that you may use your films as a way to promote the product or service that your customers have purchased. After a customer makes a purchase, you may use technical demo films like "how to use your new [product]" or "5 wonderful things you can do with your new [product]" to your advantage.

Develop Personas for Your Audiences.

To be a successful entrepreneur, you must know who your ideal customer or customer is. Unless you know who you're targeting with your content (whether it infographics, blog posts, social media postings, or videos), your efforts will be fruitless since your material will be generic and uninteresting, which will lead to reduced sales.

Audience personas are one approach to guarantee that your video marketing is aimed at your ideal client or consumer.

A Persona is an individual's self-portrait.

There are many different ways to create an audience persona, which is a textual portrayal of your ideal client or consumer, as well as your target audience.

You may develop a fictitious persona of the ideal customer with the help of an audience persona. Your marketing efforts will remain more concentrated if you have a written description of your target customer. When in doubt, ask yourself, 'how would my audience respond to this?'

Every persona you design should include these characteristics.

The following should be included in each audience persona you create:

* Their demographics are

* Aspirations (both related and unrelated to your products)

* Problems they face and difficulties they face

* Their passions and pastimes

* Their typical day consists with

Others like to stay within a narrow range of categories that are closely relevant to what they're trying to accomplish. Their written content and video marketing may not resonate with the intended consumer since it is ambiguous.

Focus on the big, the medium, and the tiniest aspects when creating video content for your target audience. You need to know your audience inside and out before you can create a video that will resonate with them.

Reuse the Content You Already Have

It takes a lot of time and effort to make fresh videos for a variety of venues, including social media, blogs, websites, case studies, landing pages, and email marketing. When it comes to video marketing, it's important to work smarter, not harder.

Filming a video takes time, and coming up with new video ideas on a regular basis might feel difficult at times. You may reap the benefits of this by repurposing your material.

Look back at your previous blogs, social media posts, case studies, and other material. These can be used as video prompts, summarising what you've previously stated or written in video form.

You may want to add a few more points to your recycled material in order to guarantee that the subjects are new and creative.

Make use of native videos on social media

Social media is used by 3.96 billion individuals throughout the world. It's a good idea to use social media to promote your business and enhance sales because we live in a social media era.

Using video in your social media marketing is a smart move.

In the context of social media, native video refers to a video that is either filmed or published directly to a certain social media site.

The video will not function as effectively if you post it as a link from YouTube or Twitter because it is not a native video.

Why? This is because native videos don't interfere with the user's experience. As a result, the video's engagement rate is likely to be higher because there is no need for further navigating or clicking.

results from google analytics on the phone's screen

Because there is no link at the bottom of native social media videos, they appear better, but they also provide superior metrics and insights. Many metrics are available to help you plan and implement a successful video marketing campaign, including the number of views the video has got.

To ensure that your native videos will play automatically when you post them to social media, be sure to provide the option to do so. When you enable autoplay, the video will begin playing as soon as you move your cursor over it. As a result, you'll be more likely to get a potential customer's attention before they've ever expressed an interest.

As a result, it is imperative that your video's opening sequence has significant hooks that entice viewers.

The best social media site for your business is LinkedIn. LinkedIn produces 277 percent more leads than either Facebook or Twitter, according to HubSpot. LinkedIn is a great place to start, and it's likely to create more leads than any other social networking site out there.

This is because LinkedIn focuses on recruiting and business, but Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are more generalist, with users posting photographs from both their professional and personal lives on these social media platforms.

A great venue for B2B marketers and company owners to share video material is on LinkedIn, where there is an abundance of business-related information.

To get the most out of your videos, it's important to think about how each platform works and the goal of each one. Adopting this strategy would be significantly more effective on a landing page with accompanying copywriting, such as an instructional video. A 'how-to' video, on the other hand, might be more suited to a blog or a YouTube account.

Conclusions on the Use of Video in B2B Marketing

Using videos in your marketing campaign is a great method to increase traffic, establish credibility, and close more transactions. This means that you should think about the buyer's journey and personas you're trying to target when you publish, as well as the platform you're using.

Create a clear path to video success by focusing on the finer points and getting down to the nitty gritty, contact us today to find out our services.