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Google has postponed the implementation of its mobile-first indexing policy

According to our research into the non-mobile-first indexing, we've found that certain sites are still not ready to make the switch because of numerous, unforeseen problems. Our last stages in the mobile-first indexing process have been put on hold as a result of these challenges.

We don't presently have a set timeline for the switch to mobile-first indexing, and we want to take our time with the next phases in the process."

How to ensure that your website is optimised for mobile-first indexing

Google will only use information from the mobile version of your website in its mobile-first indexing. Google won't index your material if it can't be discovered on the mobile version of your website. SEO for mobile devices is critical.

Google has decided to delay the deployment of its mobile-first indexing policy.

You should look into the following:

Verify that your mobile pages have robots meta tags.

The robots meta tags on your mobile sites should be identical to those on your desktop pages. Noindex or nofollow in the robots meta tag may prevent Google from indexing your mobile sites.

Look for things that take a long time to load on the website

Google advises against relying on user activities (such as swiping, clicking, or typing) to load your principal content because Google's web crawler will not be triggered by these user events.

Ensure that robots.txt is up to date.

The robots.txt file can be used to ban mobile URLs on some websites. Your robots.txt file should not prevent your mobile sites if you wish to appear in Google's search results. Using a robots.txt file to prohibit your.css files will prevent Google from rendering your sites correctly. That might have a detrimental effect on your search engine rankings. You should also avoid obstructing visuals.

For desktop and mobile users, ensure that the information is identical

The mobile version of your website should be updated if it contains less material than the desktop version of your website, so that the core content is the same. Keep in mind that Google will only use the material on the mobile sites. Ensure that the headlines on your mobile sites are just as clear and relevant as the ones on your desktop pages.

Finally, look at photos and videos.

The photos on your mobile sites should not have a low resolution or be too tiny. Instead of large photos, utilise thumbnails that are no less than 256 pixels wide. Thumbnails are considered low-quality by Google. Use descriptive alt attributes for your photos to convey their content.

Is your mobile website functioning correctly?

How to check if your mobile website is working properly

From desktop to mobile, the web has transformed. You won't succeed if you don't have a solid mobile website. A responsive website, as defined by Google, is one whose look and feel adapts dynamically to the device being used to view a page.

Website audit tool may check to see if your site is mobile-friendly. There are a number of mobile SEO tools available that can help you enhance your website's mobile rankings. To find out more about our SEO services, contact SEO conuslting today.