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Essentials of a Professional Book Cover Design

If you are in the process of publishing a book, you need a great book cover design. People judge a book by its cover, so you need a design that will catch the eye of potential readers.

It makes sense to do everything you can do to leave a lasting impression and any great web design company will have professional designers that specifically deal with creating fabulous book design covers. Most online book companies display book covers in 2D or 3D. The successful ones are created using graphic design software and the expertise of a qualified graphic design team. Most authors underestimate the importance of having a customised book cover design when they are creating a book. A well-crafted book cover is the window into your masterpiece. If they aren’t intrigued, they will move on.

Designing an Effective Book Cover

Here are a few of the key factors necessary when designing a professional book cover:

Target Audience

The target audience is the key factor when writing and designing your book cover. These are the people you are looking to reach out and touch. Your design team understands the cover for an elderly target audience is very different from a custom book cover geared for professional engineers.


You need to establish trust here so that people are willing to buy what you’re selling. Vivid and expressive images can produce the same sort of emotional response that a hug or kiss might. The kind that makes your heart skip a beat. The better you are at establishing this emotional connection, the profit you’ll make.

Colour Scheme

The colours on your book cover will either repel or draw people to your book. A good design service will know what colours best draw the eye, which colours make people happy and which ones make them angry. A design team knows what blends will gain trust faster and which colour patterns should go where. If a professional book cover design team hasn’t created a cover that uses the science of colours, nobody will look past your cover. Set yourself up for success and make sure your book colours elicit an emotional response from your target audience.


Fonts have their own impact on the target audience. The font sizes and styles should be selected to depict the theme of the book. The right font choice ties everything together in perfect harmony.

Cover Design with Technical Elements

Technical Elements in Cover Design

A design expert knows a book cover must have: front cover, spine, back cover, inside flaps, and ISBN and barcode. Inside flaps are not always necessary and most books don’t have them. The front cover of your book should have the title, subtitle, and the name of the author or authors. Endorsements or testimonials can be neatly inserted on the front cover. The front cover must have lettering large enough to see from distance.

On the book’s spine, there should be the author’s name or names, book title, and the name of the publishing company or its logo. All these elements should be legible.

On the back cover of your book you should put the book’s category to help book store attendants shelve it properly, a gripping caption directed to attract your target audience, a brief synopsis, and some benefits of reading the book. You may also include your picture and bio on the back cover. Include the following technical aspects: 13-digit ISBN number, price, barcode, and credits for the cover designer or illustrator.

Professionalism, expertise, and experience are the key qualities you should look for when hiring a graphic designer or designing agency. Graphic designers have expertise in creativity, innovative software, photography, and book printing. When you are looking for a book cover designer make sure you find one that has extensive experience and a good grasp of the psychological and emotional factors involved.

Choose wisely and communicate clearly with your book cover design specialists and watch your success start to unfold right before your eyes.