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Succeeding in Dropship Affiliate Marketing – Some Useful Tips

Dropship affiliate marketing is all about you operating a store on the Internet without carrying an inventory or shipping products. A buyer visits your online store, orders a product, and makes payment. Then, you pass on the product order and payment, based on an agreed wholesale rate, to the supplier.

The profit that you get to keep is the difference between the sale price and what you pay to the supplier. It is the responsibility of the supplier to pack and ship the product to the customer. Customer support is your responsibility as product sales are carried out from your store.

The first step in establishing a dropship affiliate marketing store is identification of a niche product. The next step is contacting the supplier to discuss the terms. Most suppliers will extend support because it offers them an opportunity to enhance their sales. Negotiate the terms with the supplier and set up your online store to move forward in your dropship affiliate marketing venture. You can use the service offered by Magneto for free to build your e-commerce store. If you are serious about dropship affiliate marketing, then paid services are best because they provide better functionality.

Researching Keywords and Blogging

As your web store is being built, you can start researching keywords after obtaining your list of products from the supplier you’ll be starting your dropship affiliate marketing with.

Keyword research tools like SECockpit can be used for this purpose. You can include blogs in your web store in addition to the product keywords that you will be focusing on. This key strategy can help you succeed in dropship affiliate marketing as blogs act like funnels and direct traffic to your online store. Your blogs should always have easily noticeable links and banners to drive traffic to your store.

Google AdWords

Sign up for Google AdWords to drive visitors to your web store and become successful in your dropship affiliate marketing venture. Simultaneously, you can design your campaign for organic keywords. If you are a new account holder, Google gives you a $75 worth voucher and supports you for a month through account managers.

However, it is important to note that cost-per-click in Google AdWords is higher and to be profitable you may have to get around 50 to 100 clicks for each ad group. It is also equally important to place your ads high to ensure that you are clocking the required click-through-rate. You can analyse the data after you run the ads for a week. It’s essential if you want to be effective in dropship affiliate marketing.

When analysing the data, if you find more impressions than clicks, you may have to change your ad. You must check the targeted ad group keywords if the number of impressions is less than anticipated. Sometimes there may be a lot of clicks, but not enough sales. In such a case, you must check the page to which you are directing the visitors. If you determine that price is the issue, then you must reduce it slightly and see if that makes a difference.

Google AdWords is only one of the options for driving traffic to your web store. There are other paid methods that can be used. You can use social media. AdWords may be a good place to start, but experts suggest the average spending on clicks should not be more than $20 to generate sales.

Organic Traffic

Google’s Panda and Penguin updates have changed the face of SEO. Backlinking may still be beneficial for your dropship affiliate marketing venture. You should focus more on making a prospective buyer’s visit to your store a great experience by adding quality information and getting backlinks from related websites. Visitors must be able to locate content easily, and blogs should provide quality information to those that are not ready to buy immediately.

Pros and Cons of Dropship Affiliate Marketing

The pros of dropship affiliate marketing are that you can target varied keywords. There is no need to keep stocks, and you are not required to handle shipping. The competition is less and it’s comparatively easier to obtain a higher search engine ranking for your web store.

The drawbacks of dropship affiliate marketing include reliance on the supplier to ensure delivery of products in good condition and obtaining clear information on stock position.

You should build your own customer base by generating traffic from different sources and prevent Google from looking at your store with suspicion. If you are an experienced Internet marketer, your dropship affiliate marketing venture may start seeing results in a matter of four to five weeks. If not, it may take a little more time.

When it comes to dropship affiliate marketing, you must assume a lot of responsibility. Have a phone number listed to handle customer services. You must also ensure that your web hosting service provider is reliable as it requires a good amount of memory capacity to run the store efficiently. You need to be highly accountable for other people’s money and check your sales every day.