Is Getting Expensive SEO Consulting the Easiest Method to Traffic? WRONG!

Finally.. A quick and affordable way to grow your business.

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Is Getting Expensive SEO Consulting the Easiest Method to Traffic? WRONG!

Finally.. A quick and affordable
way to grow your business.

finalist semrush australian search awards white
finalist australian design awards white
andrew kelly seo consultant lg
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Creating The Best Logo Design

The art of logo design is one of the most difficult to master in all of graphic design. A logo or ideogram is a visual representation of a company's identity. Companies and corporations are better known to their customers when their logos are prominently displayed. Logos are only reworked when it is absolutely required to do so. Logos are designed to instantly identify a brand or corporation to the general audience.

Process Of Logo Design

Designing an original logo is a difficult process that takes the full effort of the company's marketing department. Some firms use professional agencies to assist them develop their logo. Regardless of who is in charge of developing the company's logo, it requires a thorough understanding of the company's principles. The first stage is to create a rough draught, then refine it until it is perfect. Colors, fonts, and other design elements are all part of this process. An in-depth study of a company's business, consumers, and rivals is typically required before designing a logo.

How To Design The Best Logo

Psychology Of Colour in Logo Design

The foundation of a company's identity is its distinctive logo. When it comes to brand identification, colour has a significant role to play yet it is rarely part of the logo design. When used correctly, colour may amplify the impact of a logo. In men, the response to colour goes beyond our cerebral self, which is why this is the case. Colors, lines, forms, typefaces, and visible symbols help individuals make connections, both internally and culturally.

There are a variety of cultural associations with colours, and understanding how colours affect people's perceptions may be a great benefit in fields such as site architecture, advertising and graphic design. We can learn a lot about symbolic meaning from colour.

Red is the colour of ardour and vigour, as well as powerful feelings such as arousal, danger, and love. Breathing and heart rate are also accelerated as a result of this effect. Many countries' flags feature the colour red.

In most cultures, the colour orange is connected with a certain time of year. Orange in a subtle, appealing tint is a great choice for a sophisticated look.

Pink is a colour associated with femininity, health, and sweetness. It's a lovely shade of pink. To lessen their opponent's vigour, sports teams will paint their opponents' locker rooms bright pink.

Warm, sunny, cheery, and brilliant are all associated with the colour yellow. Yellow is also a colour of caution, inspiration, dreams, and ideas, as well as a colour of warning and caution.

Class, elegance, and strength are all embodied in the colour black.

Other popular colours for logos are blue, green, purple, and white, which are all hues of the same colour that are associated with different components of the human mind.

Different Types Logo Designs

Logos come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colours, and the options are nearly unlimited. To come up with a distinctive logo for the business, the designers employ a variety of methods, ideologies, and aesthetics. As a designer, it is crucial to understand the many sorts of logos.

Typographic, Symbolic, and Combination Marks are the three main categories.

Typographic Logos

Word marks are sometimes known as typographic logos. Using a unique typographic method, they transmit the message or the stance of the company and brand with the use of merely words. Numerous variations in terms of size, form, and style are available for these typefaces. Different messages are conveyed to the target market by each.

Italic typefaces express fluidity or flow, whereas thick fonts show strength and force. Hand-written typefaces, symbols, and characters are among the font treatments used to draw the viewer's eye. Some logos use images to enhance their aesthetic appeal. The primary purpose of a typographic logo is to make an impression even on a business card.

Are Iconic Logos or Symbolic Logos Better?

Symbolic Logos or Iconic Logos

As the name suggests, basic symbols and icons are used in symbolic logos. These symbols are often used to signify a product or company's brand identity. Using visuals that symbolise the organisation, this sort of logo design is used. Symbols are less straightforward than text because they need the user to apply the right symbol interpretation. Symbols and emblems can be more powerful if they have slogans attached to them.

Combined Marks Logo Design

Such logos use both text and an image or symbol to represent a firm or product's identity. Additional information is conveyed through the use of a well-chosen symbol and a succinct message. Stand-alone combination markings and integrated combination marks are two types of combination marks that may be categorised.

Logo Design Software

Individuals and businesses may now design their own logos using logo design software that enables for hundreds of different logotypes to be created. On the internet, you may find a number of free downloads. There are even 3D logos that can be created.

Pros and Cons of Logo Design Software

There are both advantages and disadvantages of using logo design software in the field of logo design.


  • It is easy to use and versatile
  • Saves money and investment for logo design outsourcing
  • Several innovative designs and variations in style
  • Animation is possible


  • The basic image and design options are fixed
  • Possibility of creating duplicates or identical logos

Logo design success hinges on four pillars: simplicity, picking the perfect logo design, choosing colours that reflect your company's core values and budget, and coming up with a catchy slogan for the logo. This is a certain way to boost your company's visibility.