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Buying Aged Domains Is An Art

When it comes to buying aged domains, there are a number of points that must be examined before any purchase is made. Rushing into a purchase is not wise. Do research before making any decisions. If you do this, buying an aged domain can be the biggest success.

Why Is Buying Aged Domains Such As Good Idea?

Buying aged domains is beneficial because search engines already love them. Instead of having to go through the entire web development process, you can start in the middle. Aged domains have great SEO, which means they rank higher with search engines. You can start turning a profit much faster by taking this online business path.

Buying Older Domain Names Is a Crafty Business

When Buying Aged Domains, Make Sure They Are Not Dropped.

The most important thing to look for when buying aged domains is that they have not been dropped at any point in their history. This means the previous owner didn’t allow the domain name to expire. If this happened, the website’s rank may drop considerably when Google does a new update.

Visit the website to get an accurate history of the aged domain you are hoping to buy. This website will tell you if the domain has ever been dropped before. Checking this is extremely important as buying aged domains that have previously expired will mean purchasing something that, from the SEO point of view, is of less value than one that has never been dropped

Check The Page Rank When Buying Aged Domains.

So how do you attract buyers to yourwebsite? Well, it’s simple. When a person makes the final decision to make a purchase, they start using different search words. We call these “buyer’s intent keywords”, and in the online marketing world there’s nothing more valuable. Buyer’s intent keywords are the modifiers people use when they’re preparing to buy. For instance, when a shopper is in research mode they’ll use the pre-modifier “best”, as in “best LCD TV”, or the post-modifier “reviews”, as in “LCD TV reviews”. When they’re ready to buy, they’ll change those modifiers to “buy”, “cheapest”, “discount”, or any of a few dozen buying keywords, followed by the brand or model number of the TV they intend to buy. Now they’re ready to buy, they’re looking for the best price.

The Art of Purchasing Older Domain Names

Backlinks Drive People Back To You

The final thing to check is the aged domain’s backlinks. These need to be of a high-quality if you’re going to get traffic to the website. A domain that has thousands of poor-quality backlinks is not worth buying. Instead, buy an aged domain that has a few high ranking backlinks.

If you just have one quality link and it is removed for some reason, then your domain name will drop like almost instantly. However, should you have more than one, then your site will survive and allow you to build other quality backlinks yourself to supplement it.

Buying aged domains requires a certain degree of groundwork on your part. You need to do extensive research to ensure the domain you are buying is going to be a worthwhile investment. If done correctly, you can reap the benefits of faster ranking and established traffic.