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The Importance of Buyer’s Intent Keywords

When you first start your online business, you may look at your visitor stats and feel discouraged because they are so low. You’ll obsess over your sales copy, your site You can purchase established websites from various places online. Currently, and every other factor that might dissuade your visitors from clicking through and bringing you the affiliate income you wanted.

Luring Buyers, Avoiding Browsers

Eventually, you’ll learn the truth about buyer’s intent keywords. Your visitors aren’t looking to buy today. They’re in research mode. When people are in the market for a new TV, they tend to follow a very specific path between making that decision and laying down their cash. Just as they would in a bricks and mortar store, they’ll browse around for a while, comparing one TV set to another until they’re satisfied they’ve found the right model for them.

The Importance of Keywords That Indicate Purchase Intent

Your Psychosomatic Matters

Online, you can see this pattern play out in the keywords shoppers use when they search. When someone decides to invest in a new TV, they’ll start using search keywords along the lines of “best TV” or “best LCD TV”. They’ll browse through a dozen or more sites looking for recommendations, professional reviews, or maybe watch a YouTube video. This process can go on for days or weeks, and from the point of view of an affiliate marketer these visitors are useless. It’s only when the shoppers have settled on a specific model that they leave research mode and enter buying mode. You want to attract these people to your site at exactly the right moment, just as they’re reaching for their credit card.

How to Target True Buyers

So how do you attract buyers to yourwebsite? Well, it’s simple. When a person makes the final decision to make a purchase, they start using different search words. We call these “buyer’s intent keywords”, and in the online marketing world there’s nothing more valuable. Buyer’s intent keywords are the modifiers people use when they’re preparing to buy. For instance, when a shopper is in research mode they’ll use the pre-modifier “best”, as in “best LCD TV”, or the post-modifier “reviews”, as in “LCD TV reviews”. When they’re ready to buy, they’ll change those modifiers to “buy”, “cheapest”, “discount”, or any of a few dozen buying keywords, followed by the brand or model number of the TV they intend to buy. Now they’re ready to buy, they’re looking for the best price.

Intent Keywords for Buyers

Quality, Not Quantity

Successfulonline marketers know that they need to optimise their sites for buyer’s intent keywords if they want to make sales. They know that a thousand visitors a day won’t make them a penny if they’re all in research mode, but a dozen or two visitors in buying mode could make them a healthy income. When performing your keyword research for a new site, you need use buyer’s intent keywords. The true buying keywords may only generate a few searches each day, but these searches are performed by shoppers with an open wallet sitting beside the computer.

Don’t Panic

When you start re-optimising your sites to target buying keywords, you might worry about how little traffic you’re receiving, especially if you’re used to seeing thousands of visitors each day.

Remember, that quality beats quantity every time. If you’re getting big visitor numbers right now but no sales to speak of, you’re probably hitting the wrong keywords. Step back, reassess, and reset your aim for a more effective targeting. The numbers will be smaller, but the commissions will be larger.