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WordPress Update Released To Fix Vulnerabilities

The new update for WordPress addresses three specific issues/vulnerabilities and it’s recommended to update yours as soon as possible. A security and maintenance update was announced by WordPress and is said to be very important.

It’s not uncommon for any software including WordPress to release a huge update and a security and bug fix update afterward. The goal of this is to fix issues that are unforeseen as soon as possible.

When you’re using WordPress these updates are called a maintenance release. And this update also includes a security update, which could be considered uncommon for a website like WordPress. Which in the end makes this specific update more important.


Security Issues Fixed

Version 5.8.1 Of WordPress Fixes Three Main Vulnerabilities

  • The vulnerability of data exposure with the REST API
  • Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability in Gutenburg block editor
  • Vulnerabilities that are medium to high risks in the Ladish JavaScript Library

The vulnerabilities above are said to be very concerning, that the announcement by WordPress is recommending users to upgrade installations.

REST API Vulnerability

This is an interface in WordPress which allows plugins and themes that are installed to interact with the core. This has been a source of vulnerability security including the most recent vulnerability, Glutenberg Template Library, and Redux Framework vulnerability that affected tons of websites all over.

This was described as a data exposure vulnerability, in other words, information that is sensitive can possibly be leaked. At this point in time, there are no other details regarding the topic.

However, it’s believed that it could be as severe as passwords that lead to important data.

WordPress Gutenberg XSS Vulnerability

These vulnerabilities known as cross script or XSS, happen rather frequently, and when a user inputs, such as contact or email form, or any kind of input that’s ‘unsanitized’. This can prevent script uploads which ultimately trigger unwanted behavior in WordPress installation, which affects the Glutenberg block editor.

WordPress Lodash JavaScript Library Vulnerabilities

These are vulnerabilities that may be the most concerning due to having been found to have multiple vulnerabilities. The Lodash JavaScript Library Vulnerabilities refers to a set of scripts that are used by developers.

It’s found that the latest and safest version hereof is Lodash 4.17.21.

The details that were given, are detailed “Lodash versions prior to 4.17.21 are vulnerable to Command Injection via the template function.”

WordPress Suggests Immediate Update To Its Users

Security vulnerabilities add urgency to the update and publishers are recommended by WordPress to update.

Wrapping Up

The SEO landscape continually evolves and staying ahead of the times is crucial for any business. These news facts have had the most impact on the website-building world thus far. Users want an update that’s directly focused on their needs and not only on ranking boosts.

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