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Why Optimising your App Store Visibility is so Important

When the worldwide epidemic struck in 2020, it had an enormous impact on download rates. With everyone doing their best, apps helped us keep some sense of normalcy while also aiding our transition to the new way of life. Because of this, we spend an average of 20% more time on smartphones and other mobile devices.

App Store Optimisation (ASO), a vital method to use as part of an integrated digital growth plan, has seen an increase in popularity in tandem with the surge in app downloads. A well-executed ASO strategy can help you take advantage of search by positioning you higher in the results, driving more impressions, installations, and in-app conversions, and helping you develop a better brand presence.. But how exactly do you go about doing it.

The Importance of Increasing App Store Visibility

App store search behaviour: an understanding

Consider how your potential consumers locate applications in stores before defining your growth chances, since their behaviour differs from that of typical organic search results.

If you want to obtain new clients, you'll need to target non-brand search phrases as well as your brand's keywords, because this is where the growth lies. However, these will be more competitive, which is a bummer.

Besides keyword searches, consumers may simply explore the store. New updates and upcoming releases may be found in both the iOS and Google Play Stores, where users can browse popular applications based on trending statistics or those that store editors recommend.

You'll be ready to get started with ASO after you have this information in place and a knowledge of how the shops function.

Conduct a search for relevant keywords.

The process of compiling a list of potential keywords.

Based on your product or service, you should begin by determining keywords that are relevant to you app. It's fine to incorporate keywords from your core SEO plan, but be prepared for the volume to decline soon.

You can also use third-party services like AppTweak or App Radar to see how your competitors are doing in terms of both organic and sponsored search results. Auto-suggestions and trending phrases can be rapidly retrieved using such tools.

Recognize and seize your most important opportunities

In order to determine which keywords should be prioritised and included into your plan, you'll need to expand your keyword data collection. If you'd want to see how well your organic keywords are doing, I recommend utilising the Google Play Developer Console Acquisition Reports.

Popularity \sImpressions

The number of taps and the percentage of taps that get through.

Increasing the number of sales via increasing the rate of conversion.

As with traditional SEO, you should also take factors like relevance, demand, and conversion rate into account.

Focus on your most important keywords

The next stage is to make your app more visible in search results for certain phrases. You'll need to focus on the following areas in the iOS App Store:

Name of the App

Your primary value proposition should be aligned with your brand and your most important target keyword. You may use up to 30 characters in this game. Somtimes it's worth embedding a keyword within the name.

The Title

Having only 30 characters to work with, you'll have to get creative in order to make the most of your App Name and your secondary priority keyword (s).

Detailed explanation of the App

This information can be found by selecting 'About this app,' and it is limited to 4,000 characters, much like on Apple's website. Like Apple, you can use basic html to make particular pieces of text stand out, including bolding and underlining keywords, not to mention emojis, too.

Text for Promotion

These words display next to 'About This App' on your app's listing page and should emphasise the finest features of your app. Use your 80 available characters wisely. If you want to attract new users to your app, now is the time to do it!

Optimising your App Store Presence

It's important to note that both Apple and Google offer tips on how to optimise these areas. For years, keyword stuffing was common, but today both Google and Apple explicitly discourage it, including generic remarks or promises like "the best app."

Make a solid first impression in your hunt

Improved app visibility leads to more impressions, but you need to ensure that your first exposure in search has the capacity to capitalise and win the download. Competitors will take advantage if you fail to impress.

Your Icon shows with your App Name in the search results in both marketplaces. Search results in the iOS App Store include a Screenshot gallery, which has a substantial impact on the buying choice of searchers.

With CRO (Conversion Rate Optomization), look for incremental increases

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is more important than traditional SEO in the app store. As a result of the foregoing, implementing a new set of screenshots without thinking might have unintended consequences.

In order to avoid this, you may test your ideas by comparing them to your present set of customers or the control group. You should start small and iteratively test and adjust depending on a set of prepared hypotheses, based on the results of your study. You'll be able to see just how much of an impact a single change has. Increasing the size of captions, bolding feature references, or changing the gallery's direction are all possibilities.

As recently as a few months ago, A/B testing was only accessible in the Google Play Store, but as part of WWDC21, Apple revealed a slew of updates to the App Store. App owners may now construct three more shop pages to test and monitor the performance of changes, such as Product Page Optimisation, which is detailed here.

Make sure you Cater to the Needs of your Local Community

In addition to focusing on conversions, localisation may help you create trust by addressing the sub-audience groups that make up your entire target audience.

If you have an international audience or operate in a country where more than one language is widely spoken, you should review your present localisation approach. I

Ascertain the Specific Requirements of Your Local Area

Review Data

Rating and review data are taken into account by app store algorithms since they aim to promote programmes that people appreciate. Another Apptentive research found that 77% of respondents viewed at least one review before installing a free app, while 81% did so before purchasing a premium app.

Aim for good feedback by monitoring your App's performance and removing any bad reviews from it. It's also a good idea to ensure that in-app prompts are activated at the proper time after a positive action has been taken, such as when a user is more likely to share their ideas with you. You have the ability to respond to user reviews as the app's owner. Additionally, thanking customers who have had a positive experience with your product or service, or thanking them for your opinion on what they think should be improved or added, has value. The value of completing a seemingly little job may have a significant impact on user retention and subsequent conversions.

Last but not least, let's compare App Store Optimization to SEO: while immediate wins are possible, the necessary resources, including time, must be invested to improve installations and, eventually, income. To find out how we can help you, contact us today.