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What Matters In SEO Now And Where To Put Your Focus

When working on your strategy, where should you be putting your focus first? What factors can you leverage in order for you to get ahead of the competition? You might feel that many people consider Core web vitals to be the predominant emerging factor that will have an impact on SEO.

However, there are other up-and-coming factors that you may want to watch out for. It’s enabling you to have insight into what’s on the horizon in SEO and how to build them into your strategies.

What Are The Most Important Factors When It Comes To Ranking?

This is a continuous issue, there are so many opinions that go around social media about what’s important and what’s not. This includes what impacts rankings and what doesn’t, as well as the validity of studies that try to measure factors by which your page/site is ranked.


The eternal question is correlation or causation?

For rankings, the most important factor is still considered to be meta titles, H1’s on the page and, descriptions. However, over a third of people believe that a very important ranking factor is on-page factors.

Google seems to be relying less on off-page ranking signals and is putting more emphasis on content quality and relevance. This indicates that on-page is a very important factor when it comes to rankings.

It’s said by Jamie Indigo from Deepcrawl that, “that which does not render, cannot rank.”

Another factor thought to be very important is user behavior, click-through rate, bounce rate, and time spent on site. However, opinions vary when it comes to this statement considering CTR, and under a third of SEO experts think that this counts as an extremely important factor.

There’s also the discussion of content accuracy and how it affects rankings, and under a quarter of people think that this makes a difference. Content quality is important, however, Google favors content accuracy a little more.

SEO Factors To Watch Out On The Horizon In The Coming Two Years

Understanding what users want and creating a satisfying experience that answers their questions are the foundations on which SEO is built. A webpage should be making itself visible, offer trustworthy and valuable information, and also support ease of use.

A good SEO strategy should start with you ‘walking a mile’ in your user’s shoes. In other words what would you as a potential visitor want? What are your needs, and how can a website satisfy/ answer your questions?

This sounds very simple, however, it involves many parts. There are still ways that you can game the search engine, however, to make sure you have sustained visibility and a good organic search presence, you must pay attention to what it is Google wants.

Google specifically strives towards users having the best experience possible, and an extension of this is well most SEO trends. Core Web Vitals has been a big development this year. It’s no surprise that it’s one of the most emergent factors in SEO as of now.

Nevertheless, industry opinion is divided up into how much impact a certain thing has on rankings, such as ranking and visibility. Only 9% currently agree that E.A.T is an important factor when it comes to rankings. 25% think that it’s an emergent and worth it to watch for growth.

Another 21% regard mobile SEO to be an extremely important ranking factor, and it’s seen by Jamie Indigo as an opportunity for Google’s growth and expansion and recommends working on your sites to meet page experience requirements that benefit the move to mobile.

What SEO Professionals Are Planning To Work On In The Near Future

We picked the brains of SEO professionals to find out what they’ll be spending their time on in the near future and what they think matters, and many of them responded with emergent factors and trends, which are important to them.

However, it’s also important to keep an eye open and watch what the others are doing. It’s found that the most important thing professionals will be focussing on is their user experience and how they can improve.