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Website Must Have Google Plus

The multilingual, social networking service Google+, owned and operated by Google, has more than 400 million registered users. Google+ is growing rapidly, adding more followers than many of the social networks did during their initial years. Google has made the process of telling others about Google Plus easier.

There are a couple of things you can learn from Google+. First, you can request those who visit your website to spread the word. Second, you must make the process of spreading the word easy. Visitors will gladly share the content on your website if it is good and the process to do so is effortless.

Google Plus Is Required For Any Website

Just Thinking of Google Plus Should Drive You Crazy!

It is true that you need a lot of time if you manage multiple social media accounts. However, if you look at the rate at which Google+ is growing, you will realizs that adding Google+ is crucial to gaining a spot on the top search engine pages.

Any online move you can make to draw attention to your site is essential. You must do everything you can to generate natural traffic and Google+ can help with this.

If Google determines your website has been mentioned in many Google+ profiles and your profile itself is being followed by many others, it will most likely pay off in the long run. You cannot rely entirely on this aspect for improving your search engine ranking, but you can’t ignore it either.

Hire a qualified social media marketing and SEO team to maximise this fantastic online marketing tool. Continuous multitasking and upkeep is required if you’re going to hit the jackpot with your ranking and recognition.

It may be possible to fool the system, just as how backlinking does, though Google is becoming better in spotting link patterns that are not natural.

You can establish popular Facebook and Google+ fan pages with great content and then get links from social media sites that go to your site directly. It may be possible to create this artificially, but it takes a great deal of effort. Having a strong presence on social media networks such as Google+ will pay.

How Google+ Will Rock Your Website

Searching: It is possible to search inside Google+ as with Google; however, the search results are different. You have the option to choose results for ‘From everyone’, ‘Everything’, and ‘From everywhere’. You can include the core keywords you want to rank on your profile page.

Take full advantage of quality writing and well-researched keywords. Have your professional SEO marketing team optimise your target market and utilise powerful keywords that benefit your business.

Google Search Integration: Google has started integrating profiles in Google+ with search results. Though it is not clear how they decide on which Google+ profiles to show, it’s assumed those with a huge Google+ following will appear on top.

How to Get to Know Google+ on a Personal Level

How to Get Up Close and Personal with Google+

The step-by-step process of manually adding a Google+ badge on the sidebar of your website is discussed below:

From Google, visit this page to get the required code. Open your Google+ account and click on “account settings”, then “profile and privacy”, and copy your account ID.

Go the above-mentioned URL and paste your ID. The code will then be generated for you. If you are logged into a different Gmail account at the time of including the badge, Google will make the Gmail account you are using the primary email account.

If you are logged in, make sure it’s the Gmail you would like to use with Google+. Log into WordPress and from the dashboard click on ‘appearance’ and then ‘editor’.

You will get two code blocks from Google. Place one code in your “header.php” file after the starting tag and before the finishing tag. Place the other code in the “sidebar.php” page, which can also be accessed through the editor. Alternately, you can link a Google+ image to your account page using a text widget in the sidebar.

In summary, Google+ is going to grow stronger, and you are a wise to add it to your website. Do it now.