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Tips on Finding Great Affiliate Programs

It should be obvious that one of the biggest obstacles to making money online from affiliate programs must be finding great affiliate programs to work with. You can have all the great techniques to implement at your fingertips to make tons of cash from affiliate programs, but if you cannot find good affiliate programs with great products, then your chances of success are minimal.

There is also the well-known fact that the best way to be a great affiliate is to first identify a unique niche where you have a special advantage or edge in terms of knowledge and content generation; however, this will work best if you are able to identify the best affiliate programs for your niche. Again, this can pose quite a challenge.

How to Locate Outstanding Affiliate Programs

Fortunately, there are several ingenious techniques and tricks that can be used in finding great affiliate programs that will always work. In this article we are going to share one that is very effective.


It invoices using Hubpages. is a popular, high traffic social media site that is special in many ways. For instance, it is considered an authority site by the leading search engine Google. What exactly is an authority site? This is a site that will always rank right at the top of search results effortlessly. They do not need a high number of backlinks like other sites to appear right at the top of high traffic, competitive keywords.

It is hardly surprising that Hubpages is extremely popular with leading affiliates who use it to generate targeted traffic to pages promoting their various affiliate programs. This is exactly what you can capitalise on to instantly find top affiliate programs to work with.

This brilliant little sneaky technique will save you hours of research and yet deliver excellent results that are difficult to find anywhere else or by using any other means. Start by clicking on the “topics” tab at the top of the site. When you do this, you should be able to see all the different categories covered.

What you will need to do next is carefully go through the categories of interest to you. Find the pages that have been set up by affiliates promoting various programs. It is easy to spot Hubpages targeting keyword phrases. Usually the main keyword phrase will be in the title of the hubpage that you are looking at.

Once you have identified one such page, you will need to check what kind of search volume the targeted keyword is receiving. There are various online tools to do this, but the best one is the Google AdWords keyword tool. Search volume is not the only thing that should interest you here. Equally important will be the competition for that keyword which the AdWords tool is great at giving.

The whole idea here is to find keyword phrases that are very popular but have low competition. These take many long hours to find using very sophisticated and costly keyword tools, but by going to Hubpages and using the technique described here you will be able to find these keywords just a few minutes, which dramatically changes the whole ball game.

Great Programs for Affiliates

Once you have identified these lucrative keywords it is very easy to find out exactly what affiliate programs are being promoted. All you must do is follow the various links you find and identify the sites and programs being promoted by the Hubpages that have attracted your interest.

The keywords will already be low competition ones. Hubpages is a very lazy way to rank highly with search engines and so all you must do is a little work creating backlinks to your site. You should be able to rank at the top easily with the keyword you are targeting because you have already found all the great affiliate programs you want to promote and make money with.

Finding great affiliate programs in this way is a great example of how to succeed online by working smarter rather than harder.