Is Getting Expensive SEO Consulting the Easiest Method to Traffic? WRONG!

Finally.. A quick and affordable way to grow your business.

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Is Getting Expensive SEO Consulting the Easiest Method to Traffic? WRONG!

Finally.. A quick and affordable
way to grow your business.

finalist semrush australian search awards white
finalist australian design awards white
andrew kelly seo consultant lg
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The Definitive Way to Increasing your Online Store's Conversion Rates

Any ecommerce company's ultimate objective is to increase revenue and satisfy customers. A aesthetically beautiful and easy-to-use website with a simple checkout procedure and thorough information on the products, shipping, and payment choices are just few of the factors that contribute to a company's success.

How can you get more people to buy from your site and turn them into customers? In this piece, we'll go through the greatest ways to boost ecommerce conversion rates.

What is a Conversion Rate for E-Commerce?

As a starting point, let us refresh your memory on certain fundamentals. The conversion rate of an e-commerce website is determined by dividing the total number of user sessions by the number of successful transactions. You have a conversion rate of 10% if you have 1,000 visitors and 100 of them make a purchase.

Smaller conversions like newsletter signups or referral invites may be tracked, analysed, and optimised for in addition to the more obvious ecommerce conversion objectives like actual transactions.

Comparison of Ecommerce and Retail Conversion Rates

Every year, more and more people shop online, and this trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. E-commerce sales in the US have nearly tripled in the previous decade, from 7% in 2011 to 20% in 2020. As a result of the pandemic, we can only anticipate this figure to rise.

There are higher average conversion rates in retail stores that are physically located away from a computer or network. Stores with physical locations allow customers to engage with items or even test them out before making a final decision. Not to mention that you won't have to deal with shipping hassles, extra charges, or the possibility of items being mixed up. Shopping from the comfort of your own home is a big advantage of e-commerce, as customers may peruse all available items without feeling rushed.

The One and Only Way to Boost Conversions in Your Online Store

Which E-commerce Conversion Rate is Considered Good in Terms of Profitability?

The average ecommerce conversion rate is 2.6 percent, however this varies widely by industry, based on data from 2015 to 2020. Other figures may be revealed by more detailed statistics. For example, in 2019 and 2020, Shopify-powered businesses were expected to have a conversion rate of just 1.5 percent and 1.6 percent.

When less than 1 in 100 visits turn into customers, it's time for a new strategy. If you do better than the average, you're doing well.

When deciding on your conversion targets, keep your specialisation in mind. According to Growcode's data, the categories of health and well-being, arts and crafts, and pet care convert at a rate of 3-4 percent on average.

Endertech's 2020 data shows that desktop conversion rates are two times higher than mobile conversion rates: 3.9 percent against 1.8 percent. If you're focusing on a desktop version, it doesn't mean you should neglect the mobile version. Mobile optimisation is essential for user experience and search engine indexing.

In E-commerce, Measuring and Increasing Conversion Rates is Critical

There are a lot of things that you can do to improve your website if you track and analyse your conversion rates. As a result of failing to discover what motivates customers to buy and what does not, you are putting your company at danger.

Loading time. Even in the world of ecommerce, the speed at which a web page's content loads is critical. Websites that take longer than two seconds to load risk losing visitors or causing them irritation. Find out what's slowing down your site from our post on page experience and how to repair it.

Organizing the website's structure and menus. A user-friendly website should make it easy for visitors to locate what they need as well to explore your information and services. When visitors are unable to go from one page to the next, they are more likely to depart. Investigate page hierarchy and include navigable components into your designs.

A Well-Organized Menu with a Clear Design

Content that is useful. Realistic product descriptions and as much information as possible on how the items are used, what makes them distinctive, the brand's narrative and the delivery process are all things that people trying to buy anything online are searching for. This means that you need to have well-written product pages and consider include other useful material, such as blog pieces about your subject or video reviews or lessons.

Informative Articles About Various Items

Reviews. For both consumers and online retailers, product reviews are a wonderful way to learn more about the items they're interested in and gain an understanding of its pros and downsides. It's imperative that you include user evaluations on your website, and you may do it in a variety of methods.

Sites that Provide Customer Feedback on Products

Personalization. It's been a buzzword in a variety of industries for a long time. Ignoring personalisation is no longer an option; it is now a matter of survival in the marketplace. Personalized site search, for example, was found to be the most important ROI driver for ecommerce enterprises in the Kibo study of 2021. A greater conversion rate, a higher AOV, and a longer average stay on site may all be achieved through the use of AI-powered suggestions, flexible order management, and customised messaging for distinct client segments.

Ecommerce Deal with a Personal Touch

Features that may be used by the user. There is an increasing number of customers who are comfortable using digital devices, and as a result, their expectations for shopping online are rising as well.

Providing excellent service to our customers. When customers can ask questions and get help with their orders, they feel more secure about doing business with you. Chatty customers are three times more likely to make a purchase and are also likely to spend 10% to 15% more. Make sure your phone number is prominently displayed on your website, implement live chat or a chatbot, and use social media messaging to stay in touch with your consumers.

An E-commerce Website's Live Chat Feature

A few instances of successful responses to the above-mentioned issues will be presented later on. An ecommerce conversion funnel and the factors to be considered at each stage will be discussed first.

In addition, there is the stage of retention. Getting a new client isn't the end of the road for your optimisation process, you must keep interacting and talking with your current consumers to keep them coming back, buying more, and promoting your products.

For online purchases, the Conversions section includes a separate Ecommerce sub-heading. There are two things you need to do before you can get Google Analytics reports: enable Ecommerce and instal a tracking code on your website.

The number of transactions, the number of sessions leading up to a purchase, revenue by date or product, AOV, and conversion rates are all common data points included in standard e-commerce reports.

With Enhanced Ecommerce, Google Analytics lets you track additional data. Enhanced Ecommerce can only be enabled if you use Universal Analytics, set it up in gtag.js, and activate it in the settings. Afterwards, you'll no longer be able to use normal ecommerce reports, but rather new ones that integrate far more data.

You'll be able to monitor how user sessions correspond with different phases of your sales funnel with the help of Enhanced Ecommerce reporting. In the graphs for Shopping Behavior Analysis and Checkout Behavior Analysis, a pop-up box suggests that you add segments by clicking on any funnel step or transition. In this way, you may separate sessions with product views, sessions with abandonment of a checkout, and so forth.

As an added benefit to using Google Tag Manager, you'll have additional data to deal with if you use GTM to create triggers and transactional events.

The number of conversions in Google Analytics is calculated as a percentage of total sessions. When the same customer visits a website several times, this technique might be deceptive. By dividing the number of transactions by the number of users, you may compute your conversion rate in Google Analytics (GA). Neither the person-based nor the device-based approaches are ideal, but it is more likely to give you a more true assessment since it ignores when the same user accesses a website from several devices or clears caches.

On the Landing Page, a Compelling Value Proposition

Your website's primary and landing pages should clearly communicate how your product is different and better than your competitors' offerings. It's crucial to provide a strong statement about the value of your product when you're establishing a first impression on any page, of course.

E-commerce Storefronts that are Well-Designed

Though the statement it's more than something is often viewed with suspicion, messaging developed around it may be highly effective. In this case, the headline explains that a device that appears like a conventional mirror and can be used for a number of activities is both useful and attractive.

The use of video and animation on a website should be considered whenever it is feasible. As a matter of fact most Millennials are more likely to buy after viewing an advertisement on YouTube.

Compelling Descriptions of Products

The more information you include about a product, the better. Include high-resolution images taken from various perspectives, and describe any relevant factors including material, ingredients, colors and measurements. When describing a product, it's important to include not just the essential facts but also a creative description.

Product variant information

You should also allow customers to expand the details of any item on the category page, in addition to having separate product pages (without going to the product URL). Adding products to the shopping basket quickly and without having to visit the product page is another convenient function.

An ecommerce website's quick-add feature

Your success in sales conversion rates is based on how visitors move between sites, search for and filter items, and make a purchase. We'll speak about a few details to keep in mind when it comes to UX.

E-commerce Site's Most Popular Keywords

Analytics embedded into popular ecommerce CMSs like BigCommerce show you exactly what customers are searching for on your site. Using these information, you may refine your search and develop new goods that are in great demand, making your search more efficient. For example, Fila, a sportswear business, utilises data on product popularity to rethink its operations and advise designers to make the sportswear their clients are demanding. Fila.

Size Chart on an Online Retailer's Website

Another option is to add an immersive virtual experience—offer customers the ability to submit a photo of themselves and try on various cosmetics and accessory items—if your business sells these items.

When building your website's layout, consider about highlighting your best-selling goods or creating a section for visitors who have never heard of your company.

E-commerce Site's Top Selling Deals

In addition to blog material, this is a wonderful approach to help users find what they need. As a blogger, you may write about various items and include relevant product links in your writings.

Blog Posts that have Relevant Product Call to Actions (CTAs).

Your product's worth may be bolstered by a wide range of material that is both informative and interesting. Create, for example, a page with instructions on how to take care of a product:

An Ecommerce Website's Recommendations for Product Maintenance

A wide selection of items should be easily accessible to customers by including all necessary criteria in the search engine. Filters and sorting options can be placed above or below the list if there are several variations:

Various E-commerce Site Filtering Options

Other parts may be filtered to allow users to sort reviews based on photo, rate, size, and other criteria.

Your web pages should be tested often, especially when you are revamping filters, so that there is no case when the UI copy is not accurate.

E-commerce Site Suggestions of Products to be Purchased

For further information, you may use systems that understand the similarities between things and recommend products based on a customer's history or completed transactions. It's also a good idea to suggest substitutes for popular but now-sold-out goods.

Effortless Checkout and a Wide Range of Price Alternatives are Included

Cart abandonment may be caused by a variety of factors, the most prevalent of which are excessive prices, the requirement to create an account, a lengthy checkout procedure, a lack of confidence, and the absence of payment options.

Cart abandonment is almost always the result of a bad checkout process, unless there are additional factors at play (such as a broken website). Do you have any ideas on how to make it better?

IP Identifier

Using IP identifiers, you may find out where a user is located and whether or not your service is available in their country. A website's worldwide reach is hampered if its products may only be purchased by residents of a small number of countries.

Provide the option for customers to select their own nation and currency in a pop-up window to indicate whether your items may be transported there.

The Reward Program for an E-Commerce Website

Options for Payment in the Footer

The popularity of services like Klarna and Afterpay, which let customers pay for some of their item up front and the rest over time, is rising. Paying with no interest is a means of enticing customers who don't want to pay the entire amount at once.

Getting Customers to Buy More in Order to get Free Shipping.

Ecommerce content management systems (CMS) typically include features for tracking abandoned cart contents and when a user last visited the site. The use of cart abandonment software may help you personalise communications and increase checkout conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Signals of trust

Ecommerce relies heavily on customer confidence and openness. Before making a purchase, the vast majority of consumers browse product reviews, review rules, and contact information on a retailer's website.

An E-commerce Site's Reward Programme

Individual discounts delivered to first-time buyers are another common practise, since they allow you to collect user email addresses and their interest in your product. With a fortune wheel, you may give many discounts in a creative and engaging way.

Offers from an Online Store

Seventy percent of Millennials live in constant worry of being left behind. More sales may be generated by establishing a sense of urgency. Offers that terminate in two days or less work well with the fear of missing out (FOMO) mentality.

The use of user-generated content is a terrific way to increase sales. PowerReview found that photographs and videos provided by customers on ecommerce websites increased conversion rates by two times.

Customers may be made to feel a part of your tale in a variety of various ways. This is how a candy store engages its customers by allowing them to vote for their favourite candy and to influence the development of future product lines of their own choosing:

On an e-commerce site, user interaction

To keep up with the competition, you need to constantly optimise your conversion rate. It's critical to gather as much information as possible about your target audience in order to test multiple hypotheses and make adjustments to your website and business operations as a whole. To find out how we can help your website contact us today!