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Sources of Media Traffic: What You Need to Know

Media Traffic Basic Overview

According to mainstream online marketing, the term “media traffic” is the same as “media buying”. You buy advertising from relevant media sources. The media sources could be blogs, news sites, discussion forums, video sites, and other media traffic sources. This differs from regular online advertising, because source traffic is targeted.

Normal advertising displays your ads on numerous sites, while media traffic comes from specific, targeted sites. You are buying advertising space and time in the media outlet of your choice. People come to their website and will see a link or banner directing them to your site. Media traffic is more expensive than other advertising sources.

Information on Media Traffic: Where and How to Look for It

Buying Media Traffic Sources

There are different reactions to media traffic because the results vary. Some find huge success while others experience failure. The reason for this is people don’t pay attention to where media traffic is coming from.

Pay Attention to Media Traffic

1. Advertising Networks

There are advertising networks that allow you to choose where you spend your advertising credits. Sign up and check which sites are affiliated with their network. You are buying media traffic, so you need the freedom to choose where you want your advertising to appear. There are different advertisements available.

  1. Pay-per-Click
  2. With pay-per-click, or PPC, you are only charged when someone clicks on your advertisement. PPC advertising is great for content rich websites with the relevant traffic you wish to engage. PPC is will cost more than the conventional advertising types.

  3. Cost-per-Impression
  4. Cost-per-impression, or Cost-per-mile, advertising is the most common online advertising format. These adverts appear in the form of banners, pop-ups, and contextual advertising. It’s the cheapest way to advertise online but is only good for select media traffic sources. People usually opt for this form of advertising but it’s not the best for targeting users. usually in the form of banner, pop-ups and contextual advertising.

  5. Other Types
  6. There are many other options available for online marketing. Finding the right option for your business can be challenging. Remember to way the pros and cons for each media traffic option.

2. Site Owners

You might need to liaise with web design site owners directly. Depending on the amount of generated traffic, it could be operated by a single team. You can negotiate a deal if you contact the website owners directly.

  1. Small Sites
  2. Contact the website owner for smaller sites. You will have a greater chance to customise your promotion going this route. Site owners will want to discuss the whole campaign with you. They may have advertising ideas you can incorporate into your plan. This is a cost-effective way to start your media traffic plan.

  3. Large Sites
  4. There are sales and online marketing departments for a large site. You won’t have as many options because they have packages for advertising, but you will get better management and statistics. There is a higher cost involved because you will draw in greater traffic.

Be on the lookout for Incoming Media Traffic

Monitor Media Traffic Sources

You must keep statistical data from your media traffic sources. This will help you see what’s working and what needs adjusting. There are online tools like, and, that can help you manage all your data.