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How To Make A Website In A Few Easy Steps

Over the years making a website has gotten very easy when compared to the times before when you had to host code and keep up all by yourself. Today it’s cheaper, faster, and quite straightforward.

You only need a couple of hours and a stable internet connection to get your website up and running. This guide will teach you how to make a website from scratch in just one afternoon.

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You first need to choose a good web host. Bluehost is recommended for speed, reliability, and ease of setup. It only costs a few bucks a month, and it’s got everything you need to make your first website look professional. These next few steps will summarise what exactly we want to convey through this article.

  • Select a Unique and Relevant Domain Name
  • Select a Good Website Building Platform or CMS
  • Design Your Website to Make It Look Awesome
  • Protect Your Website by Using a Child Theme
  • Configure Your Website and Add Relevant Content

Step 1: Selecting a domain name (after you choose your web host, this comes as your first step)

A domain name is your website’s address on the internet. There isn't a perfect domain name so don't stress it much. Keep it simple and make sure it's unique. Few tips while choosing a domain name :

  • Keep it relevant
  • Stick to short, memorable names
  • Avoid numbers
  • Choose a .com, .org, or .net
  • Make sure your chosen domain name is available

Step 2: Website building platform

CMS represents Content Management System. It permits you to alter your site inside the actual space, assisting you with saving huge loads of time and simplifying everything. Tweaking formats, settings, content, making new pages and posts, etc, becomes simpler because of prepared to-utilize site layouts.

A few options to consider:

  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Drupal

Step 3: Make the website appealing

Regardless of the builder you choose, you will need to choose a theme. Themes can be free and paid, but the latter is more professional-looking and gives you more flexibility when customizing your website.

The visual portrayal is amazingly significant as your guests judge your site in a small part of a second, depending on what it looks like. In the event that your site looks old, deceitful, or does not match their assumptions, your guests will be gone in short order.

Step 4: Use a child theme to protect your website.

A child theme is one of the best ways to protect your website. It is a theme put away independently from the remainder of your subject's documents on the webserver. Not exclusively will it make your site hard to break, yet it even shields you from re-trying changes at whatever point you update a topic.

Remember that diverse web designers have various names for making a kid subject

You construct a Child theme in WordPress, however, you make a sub-topic in Drupal. Additionally, a few sites do not permit you to make a child theme, however, you can generally make a copy topic to fill in as backup, as in Joomla.

Step 5: Configure Your Website and Add Relevant Content

By now you must be done with all the technical parts. Now comes the fun part in which you get to design bits and pieces for your website. Start by setting up navigation to make it easier for visitors to know what your website is all about and grant them easy access to different parts of your website.

Choose a couple of colors to represent your site without going overboard. Here are a few tips we recommend if you want to earn through your website:

  • Get a logo. This will represent your brand, so be very careful here.
  • Write your website copy, including the home page, About Me page, and other basic pages.
  • Install Google Analytics code to your website to keep track of visitors.
  • Start planning your marketing strategy to figure out your visitor’s likes and dislikes.

Website development has its share of problems and difficulties, but once you get these basic things right, it won't be as much difficult as it always seemed to be. If you find yourself getting stuck anywhere, you can turn to Google or YouTube to solve your problem.

You cannot get overnight success with your website, just by choosing a CMS platform and a web host. But with dedication and analytics worth days and nights, your website can be a gold mine