Is Getting Expensive SEO Consulting the Easiest Method to Traffic? WRONG!

Finally.. A quick and affordable way to grow your business.

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Is Getting Expensive SEO Consulting the Easiest Method to Traffic? WRONG!

Finally.. A quick and affordable
way to grow your business.

finalist semrush australian search awards white
finalist australian design awards white
andrew kelly seo consultant lg
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How to do PPC Breakeven Analysis

How to do PPC Breakeven Analysis

No paid marketing campaign is easy to launch.

There are logistical, budgetary, audience, and time considerations.

Assume you want to launch a new Google Ads campaign. You have a rough notion of the total cost and are eager to get started.

Before you start a new campaign, you need to know how much money you'll make, and when.

So what?

At that stage in your campaign's existence, you should be profitable rather than in the red.

How do you find it?

A breakeven analysis

What Is a Break-Even?

An e-commerce store, or even a brick-and-mortar company, requires a breakeven study.

As stated previously, it tells you when to expect a return on your investment.

This analysis also tells you if your business concept makes financial success difficult.

You may set prices that represent fixed expenditures (like rent) and variable costs (like materials) and estimate when your business will cross the line between expense and profit.

Calculating PPC Breakeven Points

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The breakeven point (BEP) is the stage where revenues equal costs. Assess all costs, from rent to labour to pricing structure, to ensure you aren't overspending.

Determine first if your costs are too high or too low to meet your BEP in a reasonable timeframe.

Next, assess your plan's sustainability.

Your BEP not only alerts you to an event that should indicate your exit from the red, but also whether you need to change your company budget.

Why Do a Breakeven Analysis?

Every good company plan includes a breakeven analysis. It helps you determine cost structures and whether to proceed.

While it may appear that a breakeven analysis is only useful before establishing a firm, it might be useful thereafter as well.

Regardless of your company's age, you can foresee numerous alternative outcomes by examining and reassessing its cost structures.

Among the advantages of such research are:

* product or service pricing

* view of profit

* adjusts progressing strategies

* analysis equivocation point graph

* When Should You Do a Break-Even Study?

Anytime is a good opportunity to do a break-even These four actions should trigger this analysis in your company:


For a new firm, conducting a breakeven analysis is critical for establishing feasibility and price.

New Item

Calculate your BEP before investing in a new product to guarantee the return is worth the investment.

Revival of a Costs vary when you add a new sales channel. Every time you introduce a new sales channel, do a breakeven study.

Model Change

A fresh company model might substantially alter your costs. Conduct a breakeven analysis to

ensure the new model is viable.

Method 2: Breakeven Analysis

We hope we've emphasised the importance of this type of study for any campaign or business.

Here are the steps to perform an analysis.


Identify all anticipated business expenses and categorise them into fixed and variable costs.

Fixed costs are expenses that remain constant regardless of your company's success or failure. Rent, full-time/set work, and software subscriptions are examples.

Variable costs are expenses that depend on how much you sell. Materials, payment processing, and labour (part-time/fluid)

Decide on an average amount for each expense after you've recognised them all. These aren't written in stone, but should be possible for each commodity.


The breakeven analysis formula is two-step.

Calculate breakeven units using this formula: fixed costs / (revenue per unit minus variable costs per unit).

Then double that by the breakeven units.

Final breakeven sales volume determines if your firm is viable, and how to alter pricing and spend accordingly.

break-even analysis graph

Tracking a Breakeven Analysis

While your breakeven point isn't the final word on your venture's success, it is a sign of progress.

Keep an eye on your breakeven analysis as you launch your campaign, business, or product.

You might use Microsoft Excel to keep your analysis current.

Use Excel's Goal Seek feature to specify by unit or price.

The Goal Seek tool allows users to audit specified amounts.

Complete this function in five steps:

In column A of your spreadsheet, enter the terms shown below step two.

Please provide your revenue, variable cost and profit formulas:

Unit Price x Unit Sold

Cost per unit x Unit Sold

*Variable Costs – Fixed Costs = Profit

excel breakeven

Make a goal seek > What-If Analysis.

Complete the four steps below in the Goal Seek dialogue box:

Set the “Set Cell” to “Profit” (B7 in this example).

Set “To value” to 0.

The Unit Price cell is the “By altering cell” (B1 in this example).


excel breakeven

Using Excel's Goal Seek feature, you can quickly test out new situations. This application also helps users to plan for what-if scenarios that may or may not occur.

Testing your campaign, business, or product can help you prepare for any situation.

How to Correct a Mistaken Breakeven Analysis

Fixing a Wrong Breakeven Analysis

While a breakeven analysis can be quite useful in determining a campaign's sustainability, it is not without flaws.

External variables can mess up your formula, causing erroneous projections and measurements.

These include:

* adequacy

* false data

* formula lacks nuance

* tempo swings

* competitors

It's important to consider these five variables.

Aside from these external factors, what if the breakeven result is out of your budget?

Should you give up on that new advertising channel or your goal of opening a physical store?


Three things to implement if your breakeven analysis suggests your future business is unsustainable.

Cost Savings

Is it possible to lower your fixed costs? Accept. The lower your fixed expenses, the fewer units sold to breakeven.

Boost Your Prices

By raising pricing, you minimise the number of units required to break even. A general caution is to be aware of the expectations that come with a higher price vs what the market will pay. The more you charge, the better the product or service.

Save on Variables

Variable expenses might be difficult to reduce, but scalability helps. Consider modifying processes, bargaining with suppliers, or switching materials.


Whether you're launching a new Instagram marketing campaign or building a physical store, calculating your breakeven point is difficult.

To ensure you get the most accurate calculation, be specific about your costs and prices.

You must know the proper price to charge for your goods as well as the costs connected with delivering it to consumers. Expenses add up; examine all variable and fixed costs.

Analyze every product, service, or resource your company uses, produces, sells, or proposes to sell. Organizing these products by profitability priority will help you save money and accomplish your BEP faster.

As you approach breakeven, keep an eye on additional variables besides breakeven analysis.