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How To Create An Editorial Calendar That Will Streamline Your Content Strategy?

Content is king, said Bill Gates back in 1997 and it still persists in today's date. Today millions of content creators are on Youtube, Instagram, and on other social media platforms. To have a successful content strategy, the creator must make a strategic calendar to have a successful content creation career.

Your plan must be actionable, and you need to publish content consistently. After reading this article, you will know how to create and manage your editorial calendar, and how it can help your content strategy grow.

There Are 4 Main Reasons One Should Make An Editorial For Their Content Strategy:

  • Better Organization and Delegation
  • Improved planning
  • Helps achieve your goals
  • Sticking to deadlines


How to Create an Editorial Calendar?

Determine Which Tools to Use

There are many tools to use. If you want free tools you can always use Google docs Excel or Trello. There are other paid options like Airtable, Asana, Monday, etc which offer automation and other features. It completely depends on the content manager's choices.

Create a Content Backlog

Make a list of content ideas for easy viewing and let you track your ideas for posts.

Develop Your Content Strategy

Make your goals clear and know your customers and audience. You have to make content to please them and to do that lay down a good strategy.

Schedule The First Month

You should schedule your content in advance if you don't want a less stressful and more effective approach.

Move Articles Into Production

When you are into a production spree of content it’s easy to let pieces slip through the cracks, especially if you have multiple people working on the project. In Trello, you can keep track of your projects/articles. If it’s an article you make cards to know what steps your article is at and what’s needed.

Build Your Content Queue

Make a schedule that fits you perfectly. Look at all the aspects— from your deadline to your breaks.

Continually Optimize Your Process

By now you have your content production off the ground. But, you might realize there are a few things you missed out on or did not consider, so you need to continuously modify your schedule accordingly.

Common areas to review include:

  • Your schedule and the tools you’re using
  • The volume of content you’re storing
  • The time between stages
  • The metrics you track

Frequently Asked Questions About The Content Schedule:

Why do I need an editorial calendar?

To have an organized approach.

Do I need paid tools to create an editorial calendar?

It’s not necessary or a must.

What headings should I include on an editorial calendar?

Add the most obvious headings. Not everyone’s calendar is the same.

What’s the difference between an editorial calendar and a content calendar?

An Editorial calendar generally outlines each step of the process, while a content calendar usually covers one aspect

An article content schedule is an unquestionable requirement for any substance advertiser or independent venture hoping to capitalize on content creation. It assists you with remaining fixed on your objectives and produces great reliability.

Despite the fact that it seems as though a great deal of work, setting up a schedule is easy and permits you to flawlessly create evergreen substance while capitalizing on occasional patterns.