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How To Create An E-commerce Website?

It is easier to find the product you exactly want online. And that psychology is not going away anytime soon. Creating an e-commerce website is much more budget friendly than setting up a brick and mortar. And the best part is you don’t have to have any technical knowledge or design skills whatsoever.

You will also need to drive traffic and SEO your website to find success. But that is another discussion. First you have to set up your e-commerce website.

Your Two Minute Cheat Sheet.

  • Create Your Shopify Account
  • Set up Your Shopify Online Store
  • Choose a Theme or a Layout For Your Store
  • Customize Your Store Settings
  • List Products on Your Ecommerce Website
  • Make Your Shopify Store Live
  • Get a Domain Name

Step 1: Make a Shopify account.


Go to their website and head to sign up to create your account. You can start your 14-day free trial after filling in all the necessary details.

Then, choose your store name. In case you type in an already chosen store name, Shopify will ask you to re-enter something else. After that you’ll have to fill in a few other details, such as your name, address, country, and contact number.

In case you’re just trying out Shopify, you can select options like ‘I’m just playing around’ in the Do you have products? dropdown menu and ‘I’m still brainstorming ideas’ in the What will you sell? section. Then just click I’m done.

Step 2: Set up Your Shopify Online Store

You will be directed automatically to your store admin screen or dashboard once you have completed your sign up.

Now in this step, you will be able to customize your store exactly how you want it. You can start uploading products and setting up payments and shipping.

Step 3: Choose a Theme or a Layout For Your Store

Shopify has a range of themes in its official theme store. Each designer promises you full support for your eCommerce website. You have to choose a good theme to make your website look attractive.

Each theme has its own modifications. You don't need coding or any technical knowledge to modify your theme. You can always modify on Shopify with very few limitations. So how do you choose a theme?

  • Go Through the Whole Theme Store
  • Check the themes reviews
  • Preview the theme
  • Get the Shopify theme ( if you like the demo keep it!)

Step 4: Customise your store settings

  • Select Themes from the left navigation menu. You will see your live theme in a box at the very top.
  • This box has two buttons in the top right corner, the first one allows you to make basic settings for your theme.
  • The subsequent button is 'Customise Theme.' Clicking on it will guide you to a page where you can roll out enormous improvements and test out all highlights to get what your site is genuinely able to do.

Step 5: List products on your eCommerce website

You will see an “Add Product” button in the middle of the page. This will allow you to input details of the product you want to list on your website.

You want products that go well with SEO optimization, including their name, description, and URL. You can also upload high-quality pictures of your products. Product images are highly influential on your customer’s mind. Product images are important in making a sale. Hence you should make it a point to upload the highest quality of pictures.

Then finally click on save product, and your product is uploaded.