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Facebook Pay Per Click advertising is what you need.

Today, advertising on Facebook brings with it a plethora of opportunities to capitalize on what is essentially free marketing. Functioning as the biggest social media network, there is almost limitless potential to build up your company brand and simultaneously increase your company’s sales. There are over 1.35 billion active users on the network. This means your company has free advertising access to over 1.35 billion potential customers.

Making the most out of your advertising.

Making the most out of advertising on this platform begins with a comprehensive Facebook Advertising Plan. This will need to be part of your overall SEO media marking strategy. You need to keep it effective and consistent, and a professional SEO consultant or even a SEO consulting service takes the guessing out of your advertising. They have the know-how and knowledge to make your social media marketing very effective.

Free advertising.

While free advertising is easy, paid advertisements are another avenue available to your company, which can yield impressive results. With a business account, correctly structured to appeal to the highest number of users, you can gain impressive results.

You can enjoy advanced targeting based on interests, marital status, location, gender, occupation, age, and more. You can retarget your existing ads toward those users who are most likely to convert to customers.

It’s all in the data.

We provide precise measurements that include, Google Analytics in tandem with the Facebook reporting interface to verify frequency, website clicks, conversions, reach, and click through rate. This type of metric can help your company to better meet your goals. By continually analysing the performance, your SEO consultants help you determine which ad content is reaching target audiences with promising results and which campaigns should be repeated. We are professional SEO marketing experts and know which of the ad formats Facebook offers will give you the chance to find the right image and accompanying text to illicit the action of your choosing. Not only that, but you can enjoy newsfeed advertisements, mobile news feed advertisements, making the most of our tablet and smartphone users. And don’t forget the online videos, which almost guarantee you a Like if not a Share.

Still not sure what we do? We make sure that your business is seen by the correct target market! We know how to take the elements of social media marketing into consideration before we even start planning your next successful campaign.



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Few Key Points

  • The clients’ credit card will need to be setup on the Facebook account before we start with the work. This is to ensure they pay Facebook directly for their ads. SEO Consulting will do the account management. They can set up the credit card through their personal Facebook and give my profile access so I can manage the account.
  • SEO-consulting.com will write copy for the ads but is open to suggestions from our client. It is important for us to get the key information from you. It is after all, your company!
  • SEO-consulting.com will organize the Facebook targeting campaign, however is open to suggestions from our client.

When you hire our Facebook marketing services, we will help you to improve your existing page or build up a new one. We utilize promotional tactics and multiple advertisement formats, to ensure you have better return on your investment, more campaign results, and a wider range of metrics designed to improve your company performance.

SEO and your Marketing

This type of content marketing is part of SEO or search engine optimisation, but it certainly is not SEO. SEO is about building a strong base for your website, generating keywords that will give you the edge. There are a host of SEO strategies and professional SEO services out there you can make use of. What we’re talking about here is building a strong audience of followers, and maintaining their support.

We can help you to pick a unique selling proposition. Unique content is important, as we all know, but you need to focus on how your brand is positioned within the marketplace. Your content is a means to that particular end. So, find the top online content brands within your market and ask yourself how your company is different, and what you can do to remain different.

What separates your company from your competition?

How can you convert that into your content?


This is your unique selling proposition.

With Facebook marketing, you want to build an audience who stays. That means you need not only just capture demand, but create it. You want to build up trust with the audience you have, and make them your loyal fans. You do not need to constantly publish new content; you want to stick to emailing on a somewhat less frequent basis such as once per week. The catch here is that the frequency with which emails are sent to your customers, is directly proportional to the quality of what they receive. The longer you go in between emails, the higher the quality must be.

And this content needs to be actionable. It needs to make a difference in your customers’ lives.

It should also be something worth sharing. Make it entertaining, surprising, or relatable so customers want to hit that share button.
Do not settle for blog posts alone. Instead, include videos, images, infographics, podcasts, eBooks, or anything else that can be shared.

Using Facebook to advertise your company, is one of those great things that can go both ways. You see, if it is not done correctly, you can kill your ad campaign even before it started. You need to hire professionals who know when it is necessary to update and create content; who know how important certain elements in any ad campaign are. You will be paying your hard earned money to advertise on Facebook and other social media platforms. Don’t let that go to waste. Rather use professionals who know what they are doing! Hiring them is a lot cheaper than you think!

To get the best out of your Facebook marketing campaign, contact us today to find out which service is best suited to your business needs! We can tailor make a campaign to fit your company and your budget!

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