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Better Marketing With 3D logo Design

A 3D logo design is the difference between being noticed or blending in with the crowd. It's not just for a company's online marketed products. Getting a properly trademarked logo can be a challenge, but 3D logo design alleviates that struggle. 3D logos are the future of branding.

There are only a few hundred 3D logos being used today. Screens and monitors have made 3D viewing a reality, so it's time to get a 3D logo today. Look at Nintendo 3DS. They marketed their product and logo with a slick 3D design that created depth and movement. Instantly, the logo was more enticing to the public. Instead of fighting over logo layouts, use a 3D logo and get noticed every time.

Ingenious Use of 3D for a Logo

Clever 3D Logo Design

The Future of 3D Design

There are always new and exciting developments in technology and dimensional drafting is no exception. One major improvement that the world is seeing today is how real-world physics can be used to model images.

If a company wants to see how a 6.9 intensity earthquake would affect a building’s foundations, modern physics can be integrated into a 3D design to accurately display the after-effects of the test. Physics can be applied to test on how well a cell phone will work after being dropped from a ten-foot height or how a plane will function when it reaches the recorded speed limit. A company specialising in food products and medications use 3D designs to visualise the effect of their products on the human body without having to perform unethical tests.

The creative potential of a 3D logo is virtually limitless.

3D logo design gives you unlimited possibilities.

3D design is an illusion consisting of points on a computer screen rendered to emulate the dept-of-field found in the real world. This illusion has become vital to marketing. 3D designs allow companies to test, promote, and create products before they are released. It eliminates the need for beta testing, which is costly and time consuming. 3D renderings have revolutionised many industries.

Using the power of 3D design can transform your company into a well-known brand. It's an incredible tool that your web designer can develop for your business.