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Best Free Website Builders

Are you looking to build a professional website without buying a service?

We have some free website-building tools out there that don’t require any coding or design knowledge to get started. These options are perfect for individuals and small businesses that need to establish a solid online reputation.

In this article, you will come across the best but few free website builders on the market today.

# Wix (Best For Ecommerce Sites)

Building an online store could haunt you for nights, but with Wix, everything becomes simpler. Once you create a Wix eCommerce site, you have access to perks like real-time tax calculations and adding several payment channels that you wouldn’t have with a builder geared toward content or portfolios.


Wix proudly says they are the best out there for an eCommerce website instead of boasting to be the man of all work.


  • The pricing page lacks transparency
  • Limited flexibilit
  • Underwhelming blog features
  • Ad-free site not available in all plans
  • Difficult to get out of
  • No good with SEO

# Weebly (Best For General Sites)

It's ideal for data organizations, non-profit organizations, little portfolios, statements of purpose, or presentation pages. This is on the grounds that they make it simple to unite your site with a straightforward dashboard and with choices like inherent picture editors and expert plan choices that let you make video foundations.

You don’t have to deal with technical stuff like SSL certification, encryption, and often costly third-party domain shopping. Weebly integrates and takes care of all that for you right on their platform. You also get the option to fully customize their HTML and CSS if you choose to do so.

# WordPress (Blogging And Content Creation)

WordPress is the top contender for these sorts of websites. They provide a free site builder to get your website started in addition to paid options. Bloggers and organizations like Disney, Dropbox, Spotify, and NBC have utilized WordPress.coms incredible website-building elements to assemble crowds, grow their image, and drive deals around the world.

If you want to share your knowledge with the world or create loads of content around your business, you’ll want to start with their free site builder. It’s designed to be straightforward and easy to use without any confusing and unnecessary features. They also provide webinars on WordPress as it can get a bit complicated as you discover more features.

Cons :

  • No customer support
  • The cost of running a website varies
  • Steep learning curve

# Site123 (For Quick And Easy Landing Pages)

Site123 has direct and understandable features and is considered the best site builder for simple sites that don’t need many internal pages.

Not every business needs a blog, robust eCommerce features, or top-notch design capabilities, but in today's time, an online presence of your business is a must!

Site123 assists you with marking that off your rundown by being the most straightforward site builder available. You can stay away from disappointment and a major expectation to learn and adapt with Site123s ideally planned web building process, particularly if it's your first time fabricating a webpage

What To Look For While Finding A Site Builder?

Design Capabilities

  • Customization
  • Templates
  • Media storage

Learning Curve

  • Intuitive design

Ease of use

  • Tutorials and technical support

Long term needs

  • Additional hosting
  • capacity
  • Additional plugins and design featureszz
  • Personalized support

What type of website do you need to build?

  • Blog
  • Portfolio
  • E-commerce site
  • Small business/organization
  • Online application

Not all the options out there are covered here, however, these are the best free site builders out which are worth your time and money. Most of your needs will be covered by the free option of your website builder but you shouldn’t hesitate to spend for the better enchantment of your website and online presence.