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Beating Google Panda and Subsequent Updates

When Google updates its systems you can be sure that everybody will be affected, especially those in the SEO sphere. Every time Google makes an update they learn from their mistakes. The Google Panda update has affected countless websites.

Even though there are new updates to Google, such as the Google Penguin, the Panda has the biggest impact because it is a part of the Google algorithm. It’s a slicker system that is tougher to crack.

How do you beat Google Panda? The secret is to know what kind of sites Google Panda likes. You will need to improve the quality score of your website. Hiring a profession SEO team, with a deep understanding of Google Panda, can help you make this happen. You will build less backlinks if you can provide a higher quality score. Some believe the update means you will have to make content of the highest quality, which isn’t the case.

Achieving Success with Google Panda and Other Updates

There are many rumour about Google Panda, like it’s for certain niches or about taking out the affiliate sites. There is little evidence to support these claims. Look for tested facts. If you base your business decisions on rumours, you are sure to fail.

Google Panda is integrated to the ranking algorithm. Every website on the internet is assigned a “quality score” by Google. Google Panda will greatly impact your website.

The sites hit early by the update saw a massive and sudden drop in traffic to their site. New sites receive a quality score but won’t experience the traffic drops some sites did. The Google Panda update aims to reward high ranking sites and penalise those who scored poorly. The better your quality score the easier it is for your websites to rank higher, which means increased traffic.

Remember that your quality score is hidden from you. These scores are used as an internal score to rank websites. There is a quality score threshold that will affect your website if you go below them. Many sites seesaw on this threshold. The sites on the borderline will recover quickly; however, most sites won’t recover because it’s their sites Google Panda is targeting.

Already ineffective, keyword-targeting is a waste of time.

“Targeting keywords” are already ineffective. There are visitors who search for specific keywords. They are “low-quality visitors” and come in as fast as they leave. Being visited by them makes Google think you have a low-quality site even if it contains great content. Many websites that are keyword optimised have been penalised because of this.

Now more than ever, you need a qualified online marketing team to make your business a success. They have the SEO writing know-how to ensure you get quality traffic.

Uncovering the secret of the Google Panda update is a long and tiring process. Let your team of experts figure it out, so you can have an edge over your competition.

We offer affordable packages and can tackle any problem you might encounter with the latest Google update.