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5 Surprising Things the Top Ranked Sites on Google Have in Common

What’s the difference between top-ranked websites and others? This question arises in every SEO as they look to outrank their websites on Google for every relevant word.

These sites have more in common than we thought. There are many factors that other SEO can hope to match other than the age and authority of the top-ranked websites. Here is a list of the things common in them :

Backlinks Are The Winners

This is the most obvious thing common in top-ranked websites and others. All top-ranked websites on Google have backlinks. High-quality backlinks always mean high rankings (most of the time).

Backlink’s research shows the first result on Google has an average of 3.8 times as many backlinks as the rest of the results on the first page. The big players continue to acquire backlinks over time as a result of their position on Google.


Research finds that the top three results generate more new referring domains than the rest of the pages on Google.

Bzz as backlinks are very important for your websites and you need to build them in a scalable way if you want your site to compete with the biggest brands in your industry.

Provide High-Quality Content

Top-ranking websites have high-quality and exclusive content. Some of them don't keep up to it always, but every high-ranking site does produce exceptional content, at least some of the time.

High-quality content doesn’t mean lengthy and more detailed when compared to the competitors. It may be an exclusive lengthy story or research that a company cannot copy or maybe a lengthy recipe. But other than these reasons you shouldn't be wasting your time on that.

Doing what matters is very important. Keep your content exclusive, informative, if possible short, and simple to read. And always optimize your content to SEO because high-quality content helps boost several ranking factors.

Focus on User Experience

An incredible client experience is one reason these websites are top of Google, all things considered. Google declared that client experience measurements would be utilized to rank destinations, starting in 2021.

How your site loads, what it resembles, and how clients communicate with it add to your rankings, alongside different variables like HTTPS, safe perusing, and versatility.

These websites always keep the user experience as a priority and do everything to keep the customer return rate high.

Make Sure Your Page Speed Is Competitive

You could never expect to load slow. Could you? That's because these websites want their clients/users to have their content delivered at the fastest speeds possible.

It has been a ranking factor since 2010 and Google announced it was also a ranking factor for mobile searches back in 2018. Page optimization for speeds is a must. It's not about getting the edge over your rivals and making your site 0.1 seconds quicker, in any case. It's about having a site that is adequately quick to not affect the client experience adversely.

Consider user content

Many websites seem to approach the same topic from a slightly different angle. That’s because they understand the power of user intent and the value Google places on it.

Google is also an independent company and they want the best for their users. They want to answer every question on your mind in a very convenient and easy manner. A big part of that is understanding what the user is trying to achieve from their search.

If you know what type of content Google thinks users want to see, then it is the key to becoming a top-ranked site. Take some time and understand user intent to outrank and outsmart other websites and SEO.

Frequently asked questions about websites:

What do the top-ranking sites have in common?

They all have a lot of high-quality backlinks, great content, an excellent user experience, a fast-loading website, and content that matches the user’s intent.

Why do the top sites have so many more backlinks?

This is partly because of the quality of content but also due to the fact that they sit at the top of Google. This makes them an easy target for people trying to link to an authoritative source.

How can better content improve my rankings?

Better content can improve your rankings in several ways.

Why does user experience matter?

Google wants to provide the best experience to its users. It’s why user experience factors are now ranking factors.

How can I check my page speed?

Use the Google PageSpeed Insights tool.

How can I meter user intent?

Google the keyword you want to rank for and look at the pages that appear in the results. If all of the content has the same format, that’s the type of content you should create.

You cannot transform your site into the highest-ranking site in a fortnight. In any case, you can gain so much from them and execute strategies they use to further develop your Google positioning. There are in excess of a couple of things they do in a like manner, as you've learned.

Ensure you have an adaptable framework for producing backlinks, make great substance, center around the client experience, guarantee your site stacks quickly, and think about client aim when you make content.