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Video keeps getting bigger.

According to most online sources, online video is big and its getting bigger. It is THE most effective online communication tool available today. has rated YouTube as the third most popular website on the Internet, after Google and Facebook. That is amazing since all that’s on YouTube is video. Of course, since anyone can go into amateur online video production nowadays it’s not surprising.

What is it about video that is so appealing?

It’s pure entertainment that requires very little from the person viewing it. The higher the entertainment value, the more chance of people sitting through it and possibly garnering some information from it. With functions that are easy like sharing and liking on social media, web videos, can take your products and services to places you never dreamed. Online video is accessible, appeals to a wide range of people and with the YouTube keyword tool, you can ensure your videos show up in the applicable searches, increasing your views.

This should be a crucial part of your social media and online marketing strategy. Your SEO consultant should ensure that you use online video pr... more


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