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How well your website ranks is critical in online selling. If your social network marketing strategies aren’t created to build your brand and boost your exposure you can’t make it. Having an social media marketing agency on your side to drive QUALIFIED buyers to your doorstep is invaluable. knows exactly how to do this.
It doesn’t matter how you slice it EVER single successful business out there that’s visible through technological means has one of the zillions of social media marketing companies pumping them up. They strategically gather the info they need from your company and proceed to create a social media and marketing plan that will get you noticed online.

FACT – If people can’t see you online they aren’t going to buy your product or service

PROBLEM – There’s so much freaking competition it’s pretty much impossible to do this yourself. Not unless you’re an SEO techy expert yourself!

A social media marketing company with a track record is what you’re searching for. They will put a plan together to help you build your business.

Why would you want a full services seo company?


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A one stop shop is a smart move with your social media marketing service or social media marketing firm. This just means they can take care of ALL your online marketing needs and not just pieces of it. Communication is key and in-house communication is a wise-owl smart move when you can.
You’re looking for social media marketing campaigns with cutting edge strategies to help you cut to the chase of making oodles of money. A social media marketing that’s not yanking your chain will be able to answer your questions and openly discuss what they can and can’t do for you.
Most in-house social media marketing firms offer up packages and this helps you figure out your best fit to get started.

Consider your Budget!

You need to spend money but don’t spend money you don’t have!
Now I’m sorry to report here you’re going to have to spend money to make money. And your social media marketing consultant should make it crystal clear you are going to have to invest money EVERY month in marketing in order to drive toward bettering your site rank. This isn’t something you can stop and start unless you have both money and time to burn.


Patience is a virtue!
It really doesn’t matter how much money you’ve vested in your facebook social media marketing campaign. IT TAKES TIME to get results. Whether you’re dishing out $300 dollars a month or $5000 you’re going to have to do your time for the crime BEFORE you’ll get the visual for results.
Like it or lump it!

What happens if you’ve screwed up with crap back-links to your website and Google has nailed you for it?

Penalty Recovery

If you want to drive buyers to your site you’re going to have to impress the Google crawlers one way or another. If you do it the naughty way by trying to books rank by hooking up to a whole crapload of spammy sites, Google may penalize you. If you manipulate the system Google will hunt you down and slam you.



How do you fix it?

Your qualified social media marketing experts should have a social media marketing consultant on board to help you clean up your mess. The first thing your social media for marketing agency should do is check all your inbound links for quality. Any crap ones should be removed or cleaned up ASAP.
The next move your small business social media marketing social marketing plan experts should do is start building yoru site back up again. A natural like campaign will need to be implemented that’s not too aggressive or you’ll flag down the Google crawlers to come after you again.
And you DO NOT want that!
Your facebook marketing and social marketing teams should slowly build up your credibility again with QUALITY content and links. Essentially you’ve got to prove to the system that you’re not dicking around with it!
Play with fire and you will get burned eventually!
Your social media marketing proposal should address all the “what-ifs” before they happen. Just so you are aware of the steps you may have to take. Another important note is you really shouldn’t have to be worrying about getting penalized by Google when working with a reputable social media marketing service. They are experts in the field and are trained to build up rank fairly and professionally. There are always shady characters in the mix but if you do your homework first and investigate a few social media marketing companies first, you’ll be just fine.

Best route to find your seo experts…

Word of mouth or word of eyes! Read the review and what clients have to say about any seo firms you are looking at hiring. If you can see people are satisfied with their services and they aren’t brand spanking new on the blog, chances are they’re pretty safe to go with. Follow your gut and make sure you are set with your list of questions before hiring on the dotted line. Be wary of companies that seem a little sketchy and want all their funds up front. There are Dumbo social media marketing firms that will take your money and run before you know what hit you.
The normal route is to gie them the information they require to figure out what sort of SEO package suits you best. From there it’s standard procedure for them to request some sort of deposit for initial services rendered. Up to 40% of the total cost isn’t unreasonable. From there some social media marketing agencies just charge you monthly on your credit card, or maybe you pay them via paypal. Just do what feels comfortable for you and remember you don’t work for free and nobody else should either. Pay up a little money and let your chosen social media marketing organization show you what they have. Then set something up regularly.
All that’s left now is for you to go hire and get it done!


Finally a company that listens to what you need. Professional advice and great direction in helping make my website come alive. Highly recommended.

Emily K
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