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3D Logo Designs. Fabulously clever if I do say so myself!

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The benefit of these designs are not just for a company’s ONLINE marketed products; by utilizing a logo designed out of the regular 2D plane a company is able to stand out and make a mark of themselves. It is really difficult for a company these days to get a properly registered and trademarked logo without facing possible infringement issues but with a 3D logo they are able to beat the competition by a mile mark.

And were you aware there are only a few hundred logos designed this way, especially now with 3D viewing possible on screens and monitors? One good example is how the Nintendo 3DS has marketed their own product and logo with the 3D depth movement. While other companies are fighting for design, color schemes and basic logo layouts, one company can veer away from all that tension by creating a logo using a 3D design.

Fabulously clever if I do say so m... more


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